Anaiya E. Metellus

Anaiya E. Metellus all spelled her name “”‘WRONG”‘ its “Anaiya”
2.Her nickname is “Ti Marie”just kidding babe, lmao!!!!! dammn i hope her mom don’t know about this website, cause i might be sleeping on the couch tonight.
3.she’s gonna have lots of hair, even more hair than vava2sexy “”””Lmao”””””
4.did u guys see the nose on that baby, I think she might have my brother J.J nose lol!!just playing bruh! gonna just stop right here, cuz if her mom finds out about this website, i might  get pass the couch and end up on the garage floor.

6.shes going to be very beautiful, take a look at her daddy, I heard his a handsome fella Lol!!!



  1. She is a beautiful baby, and she will grow into her noise hopefully..Lol and as for her ears we all pray that she gets it from her mom..LMAO!! sorry bruh

  2. She is very cute, hopefully she has her mom’s ears though, lmao, and I’m gonna be sure to let Anaiya’s mom know about this website so she can see what nickname you giving to her baby.

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