We Fix Money Reviews – Things To Know before visiting wefixmoney.com

We Fix money reviews (WefixMoney.com debt relief) and any other advanced, payday loan can be lifesavers in 2018 if you are facing a quick financial difficulty and in need of a debt relief. Difficulties such as getting your electricity cut off, need to pay your car note, insurance or your car has a problem that you need to fix fast, then we fix money can help you get out of it. Just make sure that you read and understand the terms and conditions before accepting. Are you thinking “I Need Cash Now“? ” Is wefixmoney.com debt relief is for me”, once you read the review feel free to check out any of the payday loan lenders on this page.

We Fix Money Reviews – What do you think about them?

The personal we fix money reviews. I was watching TV one day, and this commercial came on stating that they can help you fix your financial problems by lending you money. Is this a bad thing, not at all.  In this economy, who doesn’t need a bailout?

We fix money can provide you that bailout you are looking for however at what cost? Does it really worth it? Some of the requirements are that you need to be 18 and older and making about $800 a month to be qualified. I quickly decided to write we fix money reviews. We are all faced with financial difficulties at times, and we all hope that someone can reach out and help us out during these hardships. And any payday lender like we fix money should be a great thing for you and your financial needs.

Now watch this we fix money payday loan today video and listen to every word.

How do wefixmoney.com works?

Well look at them as your dating site, they will get your information, provide it to different lenders and the lender that selects you will present you with a loan amount. They are just a gateway between you and the people that have money to lend. WeFixMoney.com does not control your interest rate, the Online Loan Lender does.

My We Fix Money Reviews

Now you noticed how we fix money states that they can help you and you will never run out of money or you will never have to live paycheck to paycheck. Well, there’s one problem with that. We fix money can’t really stop you from living paycheck to paycheck.

Let’s say you borrowed $400 from we fix money and that supposed to help you live a little better off right? WRONG!!! because now you are not only spending all of the money that you are making paying your bills but now you have to pay wefixmoney.com (lenders) the $400 that you borrowed from them when you were down on or running late on your bills. If you ask me, we fix money is not really helping you to be debt free.

Based on what I said above does ” wefixmoney.com debt relief” sound like a good idea for you? Just think before jumping into situations like this, you must read every we fix money reviews you can find. Instead of helping, I think wefixmoney adds more to what you already owe.

Ask yourself this question; if they lend you a payday loan of $400, do you have to return only $400 back to them once your payday check has been cleared? I highly doubt that because in that case, they wouldn’t make any money, you can’t fix money without having money. So I am pretty sure there are interest rates that need to be paid on the amount borrowed.

Think of it this way, let’s say again you borrow $400, and you have to pay at least 3% interest rate, now you will owe $412 now. I am pretty sure the interest rate won’t be 3%. Now think of your situation, you already running low on money hence why you are living paycheck to paycheck now you have to pay back more money with interest. What do you think will happen if you can’t make the payments again?

What I would suggest is to make sure you live within your means that way you don’t need a Wefixmoney.com payday loan lender to bail you out. We all want things but if we can’t handle or afford it do something different that we can handle. Don’t get yourself into more debts by borrowing more from wefixmoney.com lenders or other payday lenders like money Mutual, and others.

This was my we fix money reviews, if you have had any experience with we fix money or any payday loan lender, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.   Check out Money Mutual Reviews This is all for today, until next…. searched terms: we fix money reviews wefixmoney.com review of we fix money

After all, this is going to be your choice to use wefixmoney.com debt relief program or not. Just make the decision that works for you. Putting in time in your research is always a plus. If you are struggling with knowing how to use your time, check out this Life With Dony and Youtube 

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  1. They are a load of crap. I blame my self basically, but I did ask questions when I borrowed my money and on 2 separate occasions I was told 2 separate things. They charge way to much for intrest and I would never use them again based on all of the misinformation I was given.

    • That’s how they kinda get people if you are not paying attention. I just wanted to make sure that people are aware.

      Do you remember how much Interest they were trying to charge you at wefixmoney.com?

  2. I guess it would depend on the situation that you’re in. If you are seriously in a tight financial situation and unable to pay the money back quickly, I wouldn’t recommend a person taking out a payday loan because the longer it takes you to pay it off the more money you end up paying them back. I have used wefixmoney.com before with no issue. Here is my advice, first, only borrow the money if you know you can pay it back quickly because there is no penalty for paying it off early. Second, don’t borrow more than you can afford, if you only need $200 but they approve you for $1000, only accept the amount you need.
    I paid off the entire balance I borrowed at one time to avoid interest and any other fees. You just have to be smart about borrowing the money, when they offer more than you need and money is a little tight it is tempting to accept that extra money but only take what you need and what you can afford to pay off quickly.

  3. Same here false advertisement. I make over$800 a month and they denied me also. Well I’m going put them out there on social media.

  4. interest rates are extremely too high, to borrow $600, they want me to pay back $2700 that’s crazy, they are going to put you more behind then when you started.

  5. They are a rip off. They will make everything sound good and get your account information and suck you dry. The amount you receive from them they will have you pay back tripple. They put you back in debt by owing them all the money. I recommend no one to set yourself up this way.

  6. so the advertising simply says no matter if ppl have bad credit as long as you make a certain amount and all that why are you being denied thats false advertisement

  7. All these payday loan people are predatory lenders. They don’t help you, they bury you. We fix money.com stated interest rate is 99.9 to 1115.0 percent. Absolutly crazy. These are the same assholes that has you living from paycheck to paycheck in the first place. Now they want to tie up your future income. Which means you will likely miss payments and then they will insure your credit will never get straighten out. Bottom line, run from these guys. I mean pawn something, borrow from family or friend, ask your boss for an advance, get part time job. Do whatever it takes but do not borrow money from these thieves who are basically jerks sucking your financial life blood out of you.

  8. WeFixMoney is a setup! The add said; 18 and over and at least 800 a month correct!!! Well, I recieve over $1000 a month n couldn’t get a loan from them. I just got raped for all my personal and banking information then I was redirected to other lenders who did the same thing, NOTHING!!!!!

    They mention NOTHING about your credit score and this is what they TRULY base their decision on. Oh! n if you have a JOB…

  9. I’m not very happy with we fixmoney.com I fill out the application entering all my personal information and at the end i was not approve i was told something about other lenders can help me i really think this company is a SCAM!!!

    • I understand that you filled out the application, did you meet all of their requirements? Did they give you a reason why they declined you? Could it be that they don’t think they can make any money on you??

  10. I saw the commercial on t.v,..and they stated that you must have an income of 800$ or more which I do,..and I was turned down ,..they sent me to other online cash stores,..that I’ve already tried,..and didn’t succeed ,..wow,..I thought,..Its all BullS$%#*!!

  11. im sorry but wifix is alot of help when needed obviously the money is not free but if your in a bad situation like electric being shut off it can save your booty. its a pay day loan!!!! read your documents how is that a scam

    • CCT, I am not saying they don’t help a lot and as you stated people have to read but let’s be real how many people actually take the time out to read the fine print in the time of need or emergency? Wefixmoney.com or any lender have to do is to put upfront what the end users need to know so that they don’t feel blindside. Would you agree?

  12. Many people who use it are low-income people with few assets because these people are least able to secure normal, lower-interest-rate forms of credit. Since payday lending operations charge higher interest-rates than traditional banks and less commonly encourage savings or asset accumulation, they have the effect of depleting the assets of low-income communities

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