$1 Eyeglasses from GlassesShop.com

Coming August 28, 2014 $1 Eyeglasses from GlassesShop.com

$1 eyeglasses
Are you in need of new glasses but you are hesitant because of their high prices?

Desire the versatility of several pairs of eyeglasses without the usual high investment?

GlassesShop.com which offers chic and superior eye-wear at affordable prices is going to

Have a $1 eyeglasses campaign!

Lasting one week only from Aug. 28 to Sep. 3.

During that period of time, you will be able to buy particular prescription eyeglasses for only $1.

The qualifying available eyeglasses will be various in type.

Due to the very low prices of the glasses, the time of the campaign is limited, so are the quantities of
available frames and lenses.

Head over to GlassesShop.com and plan your future eye-wear wardrobe.

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