Why do women cheat?

One of our readers wanted to know why do women cheat?
Here is what our reader said in summary
Everyone knows why men cheat. Men like to check and see what’s out there. This notion, though, concerns only men that are not committed to their relationships. Real, honest guys do not cheat. If they are with you, they are with you and nothing else out there is better than you. Now that we understand why men cheat, the question arises:”Why do women cheat?”
This question has been asked for a long time and several different answers has been given to it. However, what is the real reason why women cheat?

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  1. I always wondered why in every conversation about relationships it is always the burden of the man to make the woman happy. Everything is about what the man has to do. What about be happy with yourself. If you are not happy with yourself no one will ever be able to MAKE you happy. That’s when you get all the cheating on both sides men and women. That’s my opinion anyway.

  2. Your right, that is one of the reasons why women cheat on their men. But sometimes the women may have that happiness at home, and still goes out there and cheat.

    regardless of what they want or what they have, if its in them to cheat they will do it and that really goes for both party’s(men and women)

  3. I bet you there will be an argument against every reason that they give to why women cheat.

    Well my main reason is happiness ! if a women is not happy and she doesn’t have the guts to tell her partner it’s over then in that case she resolves to cheating !

    Guys do your job and keep your women happy and she shouldn’t cheat ..

    unless she just like drama then thats a different story .. The cheating will happen regardless ..

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