Why Do Relationships Fail? A woman’s point of view

So we heard why do relationships fail from a man’s point of view and now of course it’s from a woman’s. Relationships can fail for a numerous amount of reasons. One of the most common reasons is definitely because of communication, which the guys already mentioned, but needs to be elaborated more on. You see, many times in a relationship, the women tend to have more to say than the men. Let’s just say they spend more time analyzing every detail to their relationships than most guys do.

Men don’t tend to pay attention to much detail, they just want the women to say what they feel in less than 15 seconds so they could go about their business. Most women need way more than that. Then there’s the whole attention, most women need their men to pay more attention to them, and for many men this is probably one of the hardest tasks to accomplish. They would much rather be spending the time paying attention to other things, e.g. a football game. One of the other reasons why a relationship may fail is because there is a lack of understanding happening. It’s important that when you get into a relationship, that you take the time to get to know and understand your partner, get a feel for what it is they like and the things they don’t like.

One thing you don’t want is to get on your partner’s nerves. You want to build a relationship where if you ladies you see that your man doesn’t feel like having a conversation then you know to come back at a later time. Men if you see that your girl is need of some one on one time, then take the time to give it to her, or least her know that you are thinking about her.

There are so many more reasons why a relationship can fail, but if you feel like this is the person that you would want to spend the rest of your life with, then it’s important that you work hard in making it work.

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