Sex Before Marriage?

If I were to take a poll today, i’m preety sure that there would be more people inclined to say that yes, it’s ok for them to have sex with someone before getting married to them. Very few would probably feel otherwise, meaning that people should wait until they are married to have sex with their partner.  The society we live in, has made it seem that sex is no longer an important matter in a relationship. For some, there really isn’t a relationship if sex isn’t included. Our society, has portrayed sex to be just an ordinary necessesity that people just can’t live without, kind of like water, and if your not having it or rather doing it, then there has to be something wrong with you.

Marriage, though is still something that is considered to be very sacred and most people still take it very seriously. Most people will tell you, that they will not marry someone unless they are certain that they love and want to spend the rest of their life with them. Yet, they don’t feel the same way about having sex. Sex, is something that should also be considered sacred and should be shared with someone that you are certain will spend the rest of their life with you, at least for the most part. Why do I say this, well because when you do in fact give in to having sex with someone before, what else is left to be discovered in your relationship except for maybe a couple of bad habits here and there. Additionally, this could make your partner wonder about, if you gave it up this easily to them, then how many others have you given it up to. And please don’t tell me that this doesn’t matter, because even if they say it doesn’t, it really does.

More importantly, God said that only married people should find themselves involved in such acts, and I’m certain he said it for a reason. Sex, isn’t something that should be taken lightly especially considering the times in which we are living. If you end up having sex, without using protection, you can not only contract a sexually transmitted disease, but ladies you can also get pregnant. There are so many different aspects that a person has to consider before hitting the sack with someone, which makes me wonder isn’t it better to just wait until your married and in what should be a secure relationship.


  1. Please!!! Do not have sex if you want to wait for marriage. Sex is a personal decision that should not be taking lightly. Divorce rate is so high these days do u really want to wait Sex is not a mistake. Its a mistake when someone rapes. You can be in a sexuall relationship and still be able to learn something about that person everyday. Sex is just a bonus to a relationship if you let it be.

  2. Thats a fact…there is no mistake in having sex before marriage and no going back, because its a choice that certain person made. However, you can learn from your mistakes and should realize sex shouldn’t be expressed with every partner you’re with. If a person was to lose their virginity you can still practice celebacy because if you forgive yourself from that then God will forgive you as well. I understand no one is perfect but Just live up to your promise and make that plight between God and yourself.

  3. This is a very sensitive topic as you can see 22ppl saw this but only three commented. But I think a lot of it has to do with ur maturity, culture & upbringing. Because when ur young you don’t really think about what a marriage entails or what god plan is for you. when your young all your parents spoke about was church and school. In my Haitian culture it was taboo to speak to kids about sex, it was until someone got pregnant or started having sex that we really discussed it.

  4. Sex is something that should be sacred and showed between two people that plan on spending the rest of their lives together. Once you have sex and God forbid you contract something, mistake or not, there really is no going back.

  5. so little comments because so many people can’t testify. I understand everyone makes mistakes….but how many times is a mistake. With so many diseases out there, I don’t think anyone should even think about this.

  6. wow im so surprised! no comments! something this controversial and yet i am the first to comment. I personally don’t agree with sex before marriage because the bible says so, but coming from a human point of view who makes mistakes it is very hard to control something like that over an extended amount of time. I’m sure most people who have had sex before marriage at some point regret that they have done so. my question to every one who reads this is which sex does this decision to have sex before marriage affects the most?

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