What is the key to a good relationship? A personal advice!

Key to a good relationship.I was thinking to myself one day and the big question came up “what is the key to a good relationship”? I’m pretty sure that question has been here since the beginning of relationships and will remain even when relationship are coming to an end. After doing some real thinking to myself and also getting others opinions, I’ve came up with the answer that will definitely explain itself.

For one, every relationship is different so there will never be the same solutions for the same problems in two different relationships. I know that probably doesn’t make sense right now but it will. Two people can be in the same situation, such as a cheating partner, but will react differently. One partner might decide that the relationship will not continue because they will never be able to trust their partners anymore, the other partner might decide that their love is strong enough to overcome this slight dent in their road to happiness. Now, both partners were being cheated on but because their relationships are different they were able reach two completely different conclusions.

Next, because relationships are so different every couple must find the methods that work best for them. I had a talk with one of my big brothers and I asked him how he managed to make his relationship going for so long when I know he’s crazy (lol). When he answered me, he enlightened me on I guess you can say a more mature way of thinking. He told me since the beginning of his relationship his partner and him had certain expectations set and if one day passes and they are not met then there goes the relationship. At first I didn’t understand but when I thought about it I understood it completely.

All relationships should have agreements set in place and once one partner breaks one of those agreements then they really don’t care enough to be in the relationship. So there goes my opinion about the infamous question. Since the beginning of the relationship expectations should be set and they should be kept in the minds of both partners at all times or else the interest in the relationship will begin to decrease there will no longer be a point for that relationship.

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