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My Long Distance Relationships Survival Guide – DrG1

February 7, 2010 TheAdmin 0

My Long Distance Relationships Survival Guide

All too often people find themselves in situations where they have to part from the one they love or really like. People move because of work, school and other uncontrollable circumstances. A couple of months back my girlfriend found herself moving away to go to school, this was a situation that neither of us had any real control of. So it is safe to say that I myself am in a Long Distance Relationship. OK…

One day I was talking to a friend and during our conversation she asked me how my girlfriend is doing and I told her that my girl is good; she’s just studying a lot for school. She then asked me about the school. I told her about the school and what my girlfriend is studying and I also told her my girlfriend’s school is 2000 miles away. My friend’s next question to me was, “are you still going to love her?” I replied to her, well of course, my love for my girlfriend is not based on our locations, situations, or circumstances rather for reasons much deeper than that. I will still love her because I love her for who she is and who she helps me to be.