From Having Fun to Falling in Love – A Relationship Story

Dear The Things We Talk About, I have read many of your blog posts and I have decided to share my story with you.

The past love

I have been dating this guy for two years now; he’s real good to me. He has all that I’ve ever wanted in a man. To be honest, being in a relationship was the last thing I wanted when I met him. After talking for a few months he wanted to take it to the next level, so we did.  The beginning of our relationship wasn’t that great because I was still healing from my previous one.  I was with my ex for four years, we talked about getting married, and having kids, loving each other for life little did I know, he was cheating on me from the beginning.  After our four year anniversary I found out the girlfriend he had before me was six months pregnant for him. So I ended the relationship and closed that chapter in my relationship.

The new Love

Let’s get back to the love of my life well at least I think that’s what he is. In the beginning of our relationship, really enjoyed hanging out with him, he would take me out every weekend, and we would go to all the fancy places.  The sky was the limit for the things he would have done for me. The sad thing was that I couldn’t open my heart to him. So, I would treat him unfairly. I didn’t respect him at all, he couldn’t tell me anything. I would only do what I wanted to do. I wasn’t trying to treat him bad on purpose, it just kept happening. Sometimes I would say the meanest thing to him and felt bad about it later. Through all this he stayed with me.

The reality check

I got a reality check on April of last year when he finally came to his senses, and told me we were through. Boy that was the worst day of my life. He told me I was killing his manhood, and as much as he loved me the best thing to do was to go our separate ways. I thought he was joking because this was the second time he ended our relationship. Two weeks went by and he didn’t call me. I called him a few times but no answer. I didn’t know what to do, so I went by his house. When I got there I saw his car so I went up to his apartment knocked on the door, guess what, he never answered the door. I went back home and I cried like a baby that day. But I never stopped trying.

The day I begged for a second chance / opened up to him

Finally, one day I sent him a text message, I think he replied hours later. I asked him if we could talk, and he told me to come over after work. That day I poured my heart and tears out to him to give us a second chance. Yes ladies I begged him to take me back. And I had him promise me that he would never leave me no matter what. From that day I opened my heart to him. I decided to take another chance with love. I asked GOD to help me change some of my ways. This man shows me how it feels to love someone and how it feels to be loved. I found myself doing things that I said I would not do. For example, I called his father every now and then. I use to say that I would never deal with a guy’s parent. I don’t even call my own father like that, (Sad, HUH!!!).  Sometime I look back over our lives and wished that I had done some things differently.   He still treats me the same. I can’t wait for the day I get to change my last name to Mrs. Smith (his last name).

Final thought

Many times we allow our past relationships to dictate what we do in our current relationship. So the message for all of you out there reading this is treat each relationship as if it were your first. Much love the things we talk about!


  1. I really liked this story, the fact the she realized what she was doing made me think of my situation , trying to hurt someone you might be in love with, I am glad it worked out for her.

  2. This was a great story in many ways one because she was willing to beg and not many women are willing to do that. Then I loved how she asked GOD to change her ways, many of us forget to ask that and soley rely on the person your’re with to change you.

  3. Well, Shay the thing is that we have to let go of our ego at time to get what we need. As noted she was the one mistreating the guy. So, people should have the same courage it takes to act stupid to ask for forgiveness or to go after what they have deliberately chased away.

  4. That was a very brave thing to do to go and ask for your man back. Love, I think really has a way of grabbing hold of us unexpectedly. It’s hard to find a good man, that why I say if you do find one ladies, hold on tight through thick and thin cause there ain’t a lot of good ones left out there.

  5. Wow , im happy to hear this story has a happy ending but in most cases it probably wouldn’t end on such a happy note. I guess life has its ways of teaching us lessons. Personally i know it would be hard to even ask a man to take me back , maybe because im not mature enough or whatever but i hope ill be able to reach your level of maturity one day . keep updating us 🙂 !

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