Memorization tools and technique for auditory learners!

Hey everyone, I hope all is well and I really hope I have been able to help some of you with some of the techniques I have learned about studying along the way! This post is geared towards auditory learners or those of you that’s not sure what type of learner you are and your interested in finding out

. I hope that you give these techniques a try and not just give up on them if they don’t work the first time, give them some time, tweek them to your liking and you will be amazed at where they can take you!

Ok now for my auditory learners, now I did say that I wasn’t an auditory learner but these are tips that other people that are auditory learners have used that they say have worked for them:

One of the tools that comes highly recommended which to me mimics my note card tool is one that is used with a recording device, any recording device for that matter, preferably one that can play in 2x speed especially if you are pressed for time. The recording device is used to record yourself, what you do is you ask yourself a question?

For example, you would record yourself saying “what is 4×2?” and then you would record yourself answering “8”. And you would continue to ask yourself questions while recording. Now the key to this is not to have it go too long because you can grow tiresome of hearing your voice for a long period of time…at least I know I would.

It is recommended to do this for maybe 5-7 minutes top, but you have to be able to go quickly and ask yourself a good quantity of questions so time isn’t being wasted on the recording. You can always pause in between when studying to give yourself time to answer the questions.

Any chance you get you should be listening to your audio notes and answering these questions. Don’t be fooled thinking that you can do this just once or the night before and they should work just the same as if you had started a few weeks prior….like I always say repetition is key!


mEd ScHooL

P.S. or Disclaimer I should say: These techniques are only meant to help you….if you feel like they are not working after you have earnestly given them a chance then discontinue to use them and find something that is better suited for you, but I am only trying to help anyone who is looking for a better or another way to study more effectively!

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