Should you remain married because of your kids?

Many people get married, and in the beginning life is all that they thought it would be and then it hits them that this was never the person that they were intended to be with. They start constantly arguing and their marriage begins to fall apart. They begin to lose sight of the love that they once had and to them it seems like they just can’t get the love back into their relationship. The only thing that they may feel is keeping them together is their kids. Should a couple remain married for the sake of their children?

There are so many opinions out there and we are so eager to here yours, but for now let me tell you how it is I feel.

Divorce shouldn’t be an option in a marriage, unless of course your mate cheats on you and you just can’t get past it. Now I can understand that there can be a lot of problems that arise in a marriage, some of which may cause you to wonder or think twice about the person that your with, which is reason enough that before you decide to take such a big step in that direction that you are certain that this is the person that your supposed to be with. I would ask God for a divine intervention. It’s also important that if you do encounter problems that you use all of your resources in order to try to resolve them. We have by the way a lot of great tips in this blog on how to have a successful relationship. You should definitely look into it. When you were first married, you didn’t do it for anyone except yourselves, but when you have children they do become an important part of the equation and every decision you make will affect them. Your children should be your first priority, but I do understand that it’s hard to make anyone happy if you yourself isn’t happy, but it’s more important that you try seeking this happiness while your still married. Try to figure out when you stopped being happy and what steps you can take to get yourself back to that place. Love is something that a person needs to work on everyday, in order for it to grow and flourish.


  1. Staying in an unhappy and unsuccessful marriage only teaches your kids how to have an unhappy and unsuccessful relationship. I agree that divorce is not ideal, but sometimes it is best for all involved–including the kids.

    Yes, I’m divorced. Yes, it has affected my kids, but I know it was best for us all. My kids did not need to continue seeing their parents like that–we tried, but were unable to work it out. Anyway, I’m not making excuses and I am glad to have been married and thankful to be blessed with two wonderful kids, but now is a different time in our lives; a much less stressful time.

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