Marketing in a Recession

We know where we are within the economy. We know where we have been. We may also know where we are going.

Our economic times dictate how our companies prosper but does not dictate how we can manage our. Business can be down for your company but it could also be down for your competition? How do you want to differentiate yourself from your competition in bad times and in good?

Differentiation is the key to marketing. Make sure that you have clear differentiating points from your competition. This is your unique selling proposition. This is how your customer comes to know you and also why they value your product. This is how your customer will remember your product or service. Are your customers thinking about you now?

Have you thought about how your customers think about you during these tough times? Do they think about you? Do you want them to think about you?

Most companies now are cutting cost to maintain profitability and out of necessity but are they cutting at the right places. As a marketer I often disagree when I hear about companies that cut their marketing budget but I realize that this is a favorite place to cut for most and also the most easy. Most marketing campaigns are difficult to link directly to revenue generation but it is also hard to prove that your marketing campaigns don help you keep what you have now.

Managers often cut their marketing budgets in an effort to cut costs but are they also cutting down their future revenue? In tough economic times like these marketers should realize the value of being top of mind with their consumers. If its tough out there marketers need to stay in the game with their consumers.

Very few of us have disposable dollars as consumers but when we do get them we need a place to spend them. If your not marketing to your customers now while times are bad how will they remember you when times are good? If I have money to spend I will spend it with the marketers that have been there in good times and bad.

Most of your competition has trimmed down their marketing budgets so why not try to pick up some market share with some carefully placed marketing. This a good time to go where your competition used to be. If they dropped a key market ad campaign to save a few dollars why not take it away? Have they walked away from a key market? Take a look around and see what opportunities are out there. There are many deals out there from print to radio ads for all types of ad campaigns.

My idea of recession marketing is taking share of mind from your competition. The fight for market share starts with mind share. The more your products and services are in your customers mind the more you opportunity you will have to convert that mind share to market share.

Eventually mind share you gain now will convert to market share when things start to pick up again. ekn links provides our current clients smart, inexpensive ways to create a recession marketing plan and pick up mind share. ekn links evaluates where your marketing dollars make the most sense. Its not just the spend of the marketing dollars but also the return on your investment.

also provide new customers with a customized recession marketing plan starting under $499.

Recession Marketing Plans

Marketers need to expand in a recession not contract. Keep your product and service in front of your consumers.  Expand your market when your competition retracts. ekn links will help you gain additional exposure and keep that hard earned market share.

Our new Recession Marketing Plan ™evaluates your strengths and weaknesses. ekn will help you identify your key target opportunities for market expansion within and outside your current distribution channels. This detailed Recession Marketing Plan ™plan is done with the goal of creating new revenue while keeping revenue on a restricted budget. Our Recession Marketing Plan ™development price of $499 is budget conscious but our goals are revenue generating.

Here’s what you get to fight off the recession with our Recession Marketing Plan™:

  • Company Evaluation Report: This report will define your company’s core competencies and key differentiators. We will perform a SWOT analysis on the external and internal environments that your management team can use to help position your company in the marketplace.
  • Market Evaluation Report:This report will place your products into the market place and compare them to any identify competition. This report will also identify market targets for growth and expansion.

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