Should a woman date a younger man?

Woman look for love in all sorts of places and sometimes they find it with someone that is much younger than they are, for example Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. They fall in love with this guy that can almost be their own child. So the topic for today is, should a woman date a guy that is younger than her. Many times these women that end up dating these younger men have tried dating men thier own age and those relationships didn’t end well and so they decide to try something different. A lot of times these women are looking to feel young again and these young men, provide them with the adrenaline rush that they are in search for. But, what we do find in a lot of these cases is that sometimes, it’s the woman that has to take care of the man financially and a lot of times these men end up being treated as if their the women’s children and not their equal counterpart. The women forget that they are dealing with a guy that may not be on the same maturity  level as they. Some women though do end up finding love and creating a family with this younger man. So what do you think TTWTA readers, should a woman date a younger man? Please feel free to say how you feel, we would love to know.

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  1. I think women should date people they are attracted to and have fun with, no matter what their age. Older men dating younger women or Older women dating younger men, no difference to me. Like any relationship, it’s a matter of attraction and compatibility.

    I think looking into things like financially supporting a younger mate or maturity levels based on age are really not even things to consider. I can tell you that I make more money than my ex-husband and he is 9 years older than me (and less mature for that matter)–I still am the primary financial support for our kids, even though I am younger.

    My current boyfriend makes more $ than me, is 7 years younger and we have a ton in common and lots of fun and are at equal maturity levels (IMHO).

    Every relationship is going to involve to people that are attracted to each other, have some common interest and some non-common interests. Each will have their own level of maturity, independent of their age, and their own goals, priorities and baggage. That is how relationships are and personally, age is the least of the factors that matter.

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