Auto Dialer Software: New Software Make Phone Broadcast More Cost-Effective Than Ever

An all-new Auto Diler Software, the most cost-effective solution for automated phone broadcasting, is now available from Voice2Phone, a leading VoIP software development company.
The professional edition of this voice broadcast software provides such organizations as medical centers, insurance companies, real estate agencies, and mail-order businesses with more advanced technology for staying in touch with customers via voice broadcast.

According to Voice2Phone, one of the key features of the new Auto Dialer professional edition, DTMF – Dual Tone Multi Frequency – facilitates touch-tone responses to automated phone notifications. This function engages message recipients in the automated conversation while adding an important capability to standard pre-recorded messaging.

For example, rather than simply informing clients via automated phone notification that their orders are incomplete, a catalog customer service message can ask “would you like black or orange?” The customer can press the specified touch-tone key that will make the selection and complete the transaction without further delays. The system logs the response for each inquiry, referenced by phone number.

Voice2Phone’s new professional edition of Auto Dialer also has a text-to-speech function that makes it possible for users to type the text of an automated message which the system will convert to a voice message.

Voice2Phone’s new auto dialer provides the convenience of a personal call center without the exorbitant overhead. Fully customizable according to each client’s requirements, Auto Dialer software conveys updates, deals and reminders to recipients on each client’s phone list using VoIP (Voiceover Internet Protocol).

The only equipment required for launching this new professional edition are a sound-card and an Internet connection. Most clients can complete the easy and intuitive system set-up in only a few minutes. The simplicity of the program makes it ideal for small businesses and independent professionals, but Auto Dialer software can meet the needs of larger offices and medical clinics as well.

Automated phone broadcast technology offered by is an efficient time-saver that positively impacts an organization’s profit margin. Such labor-intensive tasks as calling patients with appointment reminders can be carried out just as effectively by automated voice notification for a far lower cost. Political campaigns can stretch their funding further by using VoIP broadcasting to directly contact voters. Research companies can expedite surveys by setting up a simple series of questions for touch-key or recorded voice responses.

Auto Dialer Software is designed to navigate answering machines and voice mail systems efficiently in order to provide the highest possible level of efficacy in any voice broadcast campaign. The system waits until the contact is prepared to receive information so that not even one message is lost due to inadequate communication.

The new edition of Voice2Phone’s automated broadcast by phone system provides professional organizations of any size with the technology to keep in touch with clients while saving time and money, a key formula for maintaining that critical competitive edge.

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  1. Many industries have used voice broadcasting to there advantage to save money and valuable resources. Since this online tools takes little time to set up and has low initial start up costs, auto dialing and preditive dialing has continued to get more advanced over the years. Technology is great.

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