Emotional Intelligence Enhancement Through Music Workshops.One Of The Most Valuable Mode Of Learning!

Music Mode works mutually with educational facilities across London planning fun music lessons for pupils to interact with each other as they gain knowledge of an instrument.

In Music Mode, we believe there are many reasons why children should be encouraged to learn a musical instrument with didactical activities. Research has shown that playing an instrument improves performance in all areas of the curriculum and there is no doubt that learning is a skill for life.

In our modern times, learning an instrument is crucial as it can bring out tranquility and inner peace. To engage in music making can be a life changing experience plus it enables us to discover our creative powers and inner emotions.

Once again, our main objective is to ensure everyone has the opportunity to benefit from such great experience with our didactical activities plus other activities.

Music benefits every feature of development:

Music facilitates us to make sense of the world. Through sound we can provide an expressive shape to our experience. It is a joy for its own sake. The National Curriculum for music pronounces, “As an integral part of civilization, past in addition to present, it aids pupils value themselves and connect to others, forging critical links between the home, school and the wider world.”

Contemporary research emphasises the benefits of learning music:

Music enhances social skills. “Children who take part in music develop higher levels of social cohesion including understanding themselves and others, along with the emotional aspect of musical activities seems to be beneficial for developing social skills like empathy.

Music facilitates children to learn maths. When children learn rhythm, they are learning ratios, fractions plus proportions.

Most music teachers will tell you that music encourages self-expression as well as self confidence. As a non-verbal language, music can convey a complexity of emotions, and it offers a means of expression to a shy or diffident child who finds it hard to communicate through speech

One of our most popular workshops are our Guitar workshops based in group where each pupil has an opportunity to be engaged in musical and fun activities and at the same time to learn different skills on the instruments.

Guitar Club activities often include:

+ Understanding of Chords with Melody through performing songs whichwhich both
+ History of some genres of Popular Music and to perform in those styles. i.e. Blues and Rock music.
+ Diverse vocal and rhythm exercises to improve coordination and vocal skills.

In addition to school services, Music Mode also offers Music master classes for INSET Days.
Should you wish additional information regardingour Music lessons plans, please get in touch with music mode or go to see our web page.

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