Aniya E. Metellus –

Let me first thank God for allowing Nancy to have this healthy baby. WELCOME, WELCOME, Aniya E. Metellus the first grand daughter in our family.

Aniya E. Metellus


  1. all spelled her name “”‘WRONG”‘ its “Anaiya”
    2.Her nickname is “Ti Marie”, lmao!!!!! dammn i hope her mom don’t know about this website, cause i might be sleeping on the couch tonight.
    3.she’s gonna have lots of hair, even more hair than vava2sexy “”””Lmao”””””
    4.did u guys see the nose on that baby, I think she might have my brother J.J nose lol!!just playing bruh! gonna just stop right here, cuz if her mom finds out about this website, i might end up on the garage floor.

  2. I like the nickname Niya……it’s beautiful….and I hope she is not baldheaded…..cause you know….no comments…lol

  3. Gosh . all these nicknames !

    Claudine said she likes NaNa and Naya !

    But for real .. she does look like the metellus side …

  4. I think her nickname should should be Nana! Man she’s gonna have a lot of names to answer to. She’s a cutey though, she looks so much like the Metellus side of the family.

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