The Bachelor After the Final Rose Part 2

So last night, we saw how Jason Mesnick, the Bachelor broke it off with the girl he had initially chose on national television. His feelings had changed after they had spent some time together during the holidays. Last night he admitted to still haveing feelings for Molly the girl that he had initially sent home. She accepted to give him another chance at love and see where things go. Well tonight was Part 2 of After the Final Rose. Melissa wasn’t present to give Jason any last choice words but some of Jason’s ex girls were there to tell America how they felt about the shocking turn of events. Obviously many were not happy about how he broke Melissa’s heart but they surprisingly they did understand that he had to make the right decision for him, which at the end he felt he did. Molly and him are still going stron after 6 weeks since he asked her to be with him and she intends to move to Seattle to be with him and his son Ty. I guess Molly did make a point when she told Jason that he was making a mistake when he had initially let her go, because look at where he ended up.

Also tonight they announced who would be the next Bachelorette, which of course is our girl Jillian from Canada. So for all of you fans look out for Jill.


  1. Jason is right in what he did. He had already been divorced and did not want to go down the same path again. I mean, seriously, how many of us has made a decision that didn’t rest well and was forced to change or pursue another path? The only difference is that poor Jason was obligated to do this on national televsion. Bottom-line….he and Molly are together now and apparently very happy and facing marriage.

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