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American Idol introduced their 12 contestants last night and tonight we get to see who is going home, always the most interesting part in the show in my opinion. There were some interesting parts though in last night’s show, one of which had to do with Jorge, the guy from Puerto Rican. I guess they had to get him a dialect coach because he had an accent. Once he finished singing, Paula gave him a standing ovation and then they all preceeded to comment on how they didn’t hear his accent. Then they wanted him to turn it on, his accent I mean, which he didn’t think he had. I don’t think he was offended but at that moment I felt that the judges seemed a bit ignorant. America is made up of so many different cultures and tongues so what was the big deal really?

Then there was one of my favorites and Simon’s favorite too, which was Lil Rounds. She sung last in last night’s show, she sang a rendition of Mary J. Blige’s “Be Without You” and she really did an amazing job. She had fun and the audience were immediately on their feet. The judges said that she was the best that they have seen in the competition thus far or for quite sometime.

So tonight, I guess we will see who have made it to next week’s show!

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