The Most Important Issues When Choosing A Camera

Matrix digital camera
Picture quality depends on the matrix – a device with a certain amount of photosensitive elements (pixels). It is responsible for color, noise, transmission of small details, depth of field. The number of pixels does not always correspond to those in the resulting image, so ask, according to a characteristic given the name of the camera.

To obtain high-quality photos, the camera should be able to manually adjust the sensitivity, because in automatic mode electronics too inflate this option. The best images are obtained with sensitivity below 100 ISO, but it is sometimes necessary to shoot with a high value of this parameter, for example, in the dark. Therefore, it would be better if the border of manually set of the sensitivity of digital camera will be as broad as possible.

Optics and digital camera lenses
First of all pay attention to such parameter as an increase (zoom): it may be digital or optical. Good cameras have and that, and another, and cheap are endowed with only digital zoom (digital zoom). Digital zoom is accomplished by increasing the frame after the shooting and cutting it to size, thereby losing its quality. Optical zoom (optical zoom) is implemented using the zoom lens. In practice, they are mainly used for larger image when it is physically impossible to approach the subject. Sometimes the manufacturers specify the zoom value by multiplying the optical to digital, this is also worth remembering.

If you are interested in cameras with optical zoom, it will be important to pay attention to the lens focal length, as well as the ability to install a replacement optics. A variety of lenses can do from the narrow screen (portrait) shooting up to large format (landscape).

Image quality will depend on how well the electronics will handle the information from the matrix. Manufacturers specify only the file formats in which to save pictures from the camera. Most cameras record data in only a JPEG, which takes place far less than professional formats, but visually a little different from them. Support for professional formats (TIFF, RAW) indicates a higher level of equipment software and good quality electronics.

Digital camera power supply
Some cameras are powered by ordinary AA-batteries, which last no more than 30 shots. There are cameras that feed on lithium batteries. Sometimes they are built into the camera that, firstly, it is inconvenient in the absence of a number of outlets, and secondly, their lifetime is limited. Another option – it is alkaline and metal hydride batteries, which is one of the best options. But in any case, a spare power supply will not be superfluous.

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