Differences Between The Digital And The Film Camera Part 7

If the camera doesn’t receive any instructions the sensor control will be released continuously from a charge about each 1/60 fraction of a second. Thus, before image shooting all electrical charge should be dropped. That is interesting, some numeral cameras (type Olympus Camedia E-100RS) save the last image “remote” from a sensor control in the temporal buffer of storage. They can show the “remote” image after shooting so the user can select the best variant from two.

Such “preliminary” mode of shooting appears to be useful to obtaining of photos of children or animals which frequently blink or move at any click of the camera. Whether the camera deletes a stored electrical charge before shooting or will transform it to the image in the temporal buffer, anyway, one of camera processors uses this data for regulation and a choice of parameters of the future photo. For example, one of the camera processors, engaged in regulation of balance white (color correction), can use the received values for the determination, what pixels of the current image should be white. It can try to adjust all colors for elimination of offset from “points white”.

Precisely also on the basis of data retrieveds focus, necessity of flashout and other required parameters (even before actual shooting of the image) is selected. These parameters are saved in the buffer and can be used further on a phase of handling of the image. If for shooting is used the view-finder on it this data also will arrive. As soon as electrical charges will be dropped from a sensor control and necessary parameters of shooting will be selected, the sensor control is ready to acceptance of the demanded image (which you expect to receive at pushing a lock key). Further the camera opens a mechanical lock and activates an electronic lock. Both from them remain opened for the period of an exposure (defined earlier).

Upon termination of exposure time the mechanical lock is closed. While the camera occupies with handling, the lock opens again. It will be closed only at the subsequent pushing a lock key (when there will be begun process of reset of a charge for preparation for obtaining of the following image). If (or the photographer) decides to use the processor electronic flashout for obtaining of a photo of a scene (the stroboscopic light source built in the camera is normally applied) flashout will illuminate a scene until the separate luminous sensor control won’t decide that flashout has enough illuminated a scene for given time of an exposure, and won’t ungear flashout. The remark: Olympus imagines process of obtaining of the numeral image in a following type.

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