Photo Cameras Canon: PowerShot A60 And PowerShot A70 Part 2

Photo camera Canon PowerShot A70

A60 And A70 were noticeably faster the younger brothers, the greatest speed of shooting 2,6 frames/seconds at A60 and 2,2 frames/seconds at A70.

Shooting modes

The choice of a mode of shooting is carried out by means of the disk mechanism. All modes are divided into three groups: “a green zone” – an auto mode, modes of a creative zone and program control zone. In an auto mode, the only thing that from you is required is to push the descent button.

Modes of a creative zone: program (P), with a priority of an exposure of a lock (Tv), with a diaphragm priority (Av), a mode of manual setting of an exposure and a diaphragm (M). Modes of a zone of program control: a portrait, a landscape, night shooting, a short exposure, the durable exposure, a mode of shooting of panoramas and a sound video film.

The portrait mode is used to receive the sharp image of object on a dim background.

The landscape mode is used for shooting of wide landscapes.

The mode of night shooting is intended for shooting people against the evening sky or for shooting of night scenes. Removed objects are illuminated by flash out and the background is studied thanks to great patience of the lock, therefore all objects correctly are on display.

The mode of a short exposure or sports a mode is necessary for shooting of fast-moving objects.

The mode of the durable exposure creates effect of smearing of quickly moving objects.

The mode of shooting of panoramas is used for shooting of some superimposed frames for their subsequent join on the computer in the big panorama.

The video shooting mode is used for shooting of a sound video film. It is possible to install one or the other resolutions 320×240 or 160×120, for A70 it is accessible VGA (640×480) resolution! The maximum duration of a film of 3 minutes at 15 frames/seconds and 30 seconds at VGA resolution, zooming at shooting isn’t possible.

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