Photo Cameras Canon: PowerShot A60 And PowerShot A70 Part 1

Recently company Canon has updated a line of cameras of series A, having let out on the market two new compact cameras PowerShot A60 and PowerShot A70. PowerShot A60 comes in the stead of A30, and PowerShot A70 a change for A40. In difference from predecessors, cameras A60 and A70 are considerably advanced. And though appearance of cameras practically hasn’t changed – but there were new functional capabilities.

Let’s consider both devices in more details.

PowerShot A60 and A70 differ from each other only with resolution. At A60 2 mega pixel, at A70 3,2 mega pixel array. In everything else practically all is identical; therefore I will speak about singularities and possibilities in general. In difference from cameras of the previous generation, A60 and A70 became more adult”- the fixed modes of shooting were added manual, and as some. In total their amount has grown to 12.

Thanking to 3,2 mega pixel CCD (the size of a CCD 1/2.7″) matrix at A70 printing of pictures in the size 4″ x 6 “, 5” x 7 “, 8” x 10 “is possible. At A60 matrix of 2 mega pixels and the maximum size of a printed picture is equal to 4” x 6 “and 5” x 7 “. Cameras are completely plastic, silvery color.

Photo camera Canon PowerShot A60 Optics on A60 and A70 is built in camera, a lens of telescopic type with 3x the multiple optical zoom 35 – 105 mm (the equivalent range for 35 – film mm), 5.4 – 16.2 mm, a range of change of diaphragm is F2,8 – 4,8. When the camera is in a standby mode or is ungeared, the lens is safeguarded by special “wipe”.

In A60 and A70 it is applied new 5 – point wise system of focusing TTL AiAF (intellectual auto focusing). In addition to an optical zoom you receive also numeral, at A60 – 2,5 multiple numeral zoom, and at A70 – 3,2 multiple. But to use a numeral zoom I do not advise, as quality of pictures strongly worsens. At shooting you can use the view-finder (visibility of 84 % of a frame) or 1,5 – inch LCD display. LCD display fulfills as view-finder function, and is the unique device of display of the control footing.

At A60 and A70 new productive signal processor Digital Imaging Core. It controls all cycle of formation of the image: reading with CCD, amplitude – numeral conversion, recording, handling of the image and compression of files, operation of the memory card, automatics of an exposure, focusing and balance white. Result of these innovations was also the magnification of speed of shooting.

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