Photo Cameras Canon: PowerShot A60 And PowerShot A70 Final Part

Photo effects, browse modes

At photographing it is possible to use various photo effects, there are among them 7 types: the photo effect is disconnected, bright colors, neutral colors, the under sharpness, sepia, black / white and and also it is allowed most to install visibility, sharpness and saturation of colors.

The balance white can be installed manually on a clean sheet, and it is possible to select from the list: the auto, daylight, cloudy, glow incandescent, fluorescent lamps, and fluorescent lamps.

Expo parameters are deduced on the color display, regulation of compensating of an exposure is produced with step of 1/3 steps to a range from-2EV to +2EV. At shooting in places with insufficient illuminance or if needed usages of shorter exposure of a lock, it is possible to change sensitivity ISO: a car, 50, 100, 200 and 400.

At A60 and A70 have appeared modes: central and point wise. Flash out has some modes: auto, forced, for shooting of night frames, and a mode of reduction of effect of “red eyes”.

Two browse modes: one-frame and a mosaic 3×3, review of parameters of shooting and the histogram, a slide of show, turn of images, removals, editing sound the comment to a picture, the direct press inkjet printers Canon supporting the direct press, function DPOF – the press job.

Record of pictures is produced on memory card CompactFlash, memory cards only of a Type I are supported. Electric power supply of cameras – 4 NiHN accumulator (NB-1AH) or 4 alkaline batteries of the size AA or an exterior source of the alternating current adapter (ACK-600). If to use accumulators NB-1AH it is possible to finish shooting 350 frames with included LCD the display or 1000 frames with the disconnected.

To connection to the computer it is produced through interface USB1.1 (transmission rate 570 kB/sek), to work with camera is possible by means of programs on applied disks or by means of others similar. If you don’t have access to the computer, you can view the removed pictures or video on the TV set, having connected the camera special video by cable.

The wide-angle converter and a body the converter

On cameras A60 and A70 it is possible to install additional optics, it is the tv converter 2,4x, the wide-angle converter 0,7x and a lens for removal at a short distance.

* the Tv converter 2,4x TC-DC52 – 100-110$

* the Wide-angle converter 0,7x WC-DC52 – 70-85$

* 250D 52mm – 70-80$


Canon PowerShot A60 and A70 compact, general-purpose cameras of middle class. Have idle time control, a considerable quantity of possibilities. Despite some defects, cameras have left good impressions, well thought over ergonomics and appearance was pleasant. Doubtless plus is possibility of setting of wide-angle converters, light filters. The electronic stuffing became better than on A30 and A40, the optics became better, too.

If you are the beginner in a numeral photo, these cameras just for you. Cost PowerShot A60 – 284$, PowerShot A70 – 377$.


* stylish design;

* a shooting manual mode;

* a considerable quantity of adjustments;

* new productive signal processor

* 5 – pointwise TTL AiAF/AF with one central point;

* small power consumption;

* 1,5 “LCD the display;

* possibility of setting of additional optics.


* unreliable fixing for a thong;

* plastic slot.

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