How To Choose A Camera. Some Useful Tips.

To make it easier to navigate, let us recall how a digital camera is constructed. It has two key elements – the lens and the matrix – which have a decisive effect on image quality.

The lens can be removable (for SLR cameras or hybrid) or a non-replaceable (in compact). In the first case, the photographer gets the freedom to choose the optical properties and the price of the lens, but faces a financial problem – good optics is expensive. As removable and non-replaceable lenses can be fixed or variable focal length. Multiplicity of the zoom is considered to be the ratio of maximum to minimum focal length, and not how much the lens brings the subject. The fact that there are both “increase” long-focus lenses with fixed focal length (zoom is 1x), and wide-zoom, which, by contrast, alienated subject.

With the matrix everything is easier. The greater the physical size of a light-sensitive element of the matrix (one pixel), the higher the image quality. The main problem is that at relatively the same number of pixels in the current chambers (10-12 million), the physical size of the matrices of different cameras may differ significantly.

The image stabilizer helps in taking a picture. As a rule, stabilization is realized by one of two ways. In the first, when camera shake is one of the objective lens is shifted by directing a light beam incident on the matrix. Thus, minimizing the blurring due to camera shake. The second method of stabilization appeared later. In addition, specifications can be found mention of digital and electronic stability control. In this case it is usually only an increase in sensitivity (to reduce exposure) and amplification noise.

SLR cameras
SLR cameras have appeared in the first half of the 20 th century. SLR, they are called because of the fact that the sight of them through an optical viewfinder, which has in its design mirror. This design has led to the relatively large size and high cost of cameras of this type. However, the SLR, there are obvious advantages – it’s interchangeable lenses and a large matrix, as a rule, comparable in size to a standard film frame 24×36 mm, or half a chamber size APS-C. Most matrix allow you to shoot with high sensitivity (as measured in units of the ISO), so the SLR may be the best option for shooting in low light. In addition, the SLR cameras are the most functionally rich and often is referred to as “professional.” For SLR models, there are plenty of accessories: from the lenses and flashes to the extra battery handles. Consequently, buying a DSLR, you do the first step to buying a whole “system” – a set of devices and accessories that are compatible with your camera. The price of such a system, usually several times higher than the cost of the camera.

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