Some Tips To Choose A Camera.

When choosing a camera you should mind which one you need. It will depend first on all on the size. Do you need a portative or a full size one?
Each type of camera has its pros and cons.
If you choose a compact, you’ll get comfortable in carriage and bearing model.
It can be put into a pocket or even put into the purse.
I would like to notice that the size has almost no effect on image quality, so in this case, the size is almost irrelevant.
And if you select a full-size camera (the size of these cameras are comparable to the SLR models) you will get a more functional, but less convenient in carrying and transporting camera. Although this assertion is debatable, since the purchase of a full-sized camera is more of a desire to feel closer to the professionals.
Full sized cameras have no restrictions on the size of the camera and optics can be rented.

Firms producers.
The next step is the choice of the firm, it is not easy, because there are so many of them now that it is difficult to imagine.
It is possible to share all firms producing digital cameras in 3 categories:

The first category is the most famous brands that specialize in cameras, thereby causing no doubts about their quality, they include: Nikon, Canon, Olympus

The second category is the least well-known companies, but do not specialize in photographic technique, or just not very well known, but rather qualitative.

The third category is the same or completely unknown brands or those which do not associate with Photography.

So what can we say about the categories, the first two on the quality of cameras nearly indistinguishable, only the first case you will have to pay a little more money just for the name of the company. Many firms in the second category in the production of its cameras have resorted to using third-party companies producing optics and electronics.

Matrix and the number of pixels.
Now we have to decide how many mega pixel camera you need. Mage pixels is the number of points on the matrix of the camera. Matrix in digital cameras are of 2 types:
CMOS – CMOS abbreviation stands for Complement Metal Oxide Semiconductor (complementary metal oxide semiconductor structure). Matrices of this type are used either in cheap cameras or in a very expensive digital SLR cameras (mostly Canon) issue where the noise is corrected at the expense of very large matrices and improved production technology.
CCD – (Charge Coupled Device) cameras mounted in a matrix of small absolute size (cells of the middle class)

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