The Choice Between Compact And SLR Cameras

Digital cameras fall into two broad classes: compact cameras and SLR. Their difference is that SLR cameras for pickup viewfinder uses a mirror to the object. That is, you can see the image that the lens sees, and which will be removed by pressing the trigger. In nonspecular cameras, including compact, aiming through the viewfinder is located above the lens or using the image output from the matrix to the display. Use this compact viewfinder leads to misalignment of images that you see through the viewfinder, and which will be fixed matrix. This phenomenon is called parallax. Especially the parallax effect on the pictures at close range. Therefore it is better to use the display for pickup. At tip-off on the display, with the matrix is u200bu200bconstantly removed the image on the display, and the constant work of the matrix is u200bu200bbad for the camera is working and the quality of images. But there is still a slight delay between focusing on the matrix and display images on the display. This can badly affect with fast-changing scene.

These differences between compact and SLR cameras are derived from the names of these devices, but in fact these differences are much bigger and they will be treated in the appropriate sections. This difference in the lens used, and matrices, and related characteristics. First you need to know that the best compact digital SLR camera is more expensive.

The main advantage to a compact SLR is the ability to use interchangeable lenses. That is, for different subjects you can use the right lenses with different characteristics, it is appropriate for this story. In the compact has a single lens with a zoom (variable focal length), which can be used for different tasks. Ability to change the lens is a big plus of SLR, but for such an advantage would have to pay the money after all and it is more expensive camera and interchangeable lenses are also expensive.

The common characteristic for both classes and that most affects the quality of the pictures is the dimension of the matrix. It is the physical size of the matrix in millimeters is the most important indicator of quality camera. Matrix size mostly determines the price of the camera.

But the main difference in all this is your preference in making pictures. When you select the camera you need to figure out what and how you will make pictures. After all, SLR, will not make shots instead of you. Even the cheapest compact camera, the so-called “soap box”, with good lighting will give a normal image that is needed for filming in the family circle. And for that would make high-quality photos, you need experience and skill that will come with time.

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