Differences Between The Digital And The Film Camera Part 1

If film cameras were finished and improved more than 160 years digital technologies of shooting are in infantile age: in vitro they are used for about 20 years, and in the consumer market numeral cameras have appeared only 7-8 years ago. Certainly, speed of development of technology for this period amazes, but a limit meanwhile is not reached, and numeral technologies of shooting will develop in directions of image enhancement, productivity and convenience of control.

In digital cameras till now there are many acute angles, which else it is required to grind. Now the state of digital technology of shooting can be compared to other technology of the XX-th century: cars. We have just taught to chromeplate body, to produce the engine and to connect headlights. Speaking in other words, numeral technologies have proved the right to life, bases are already explicitly selected, and we are expected by rather boring stage of the further evolution.

But, though for us also waits more likely extensive, rather than intensive, development, this branch nevertheless rivets on itself steadfast attention. The majority of observers and experts foretell that the digital photo becomes during very short time the same common thing as public transport, high-speed backbones and other modern miracles. Till now changeover of the film camera was a chief goal of the digital camera. But, as films have exceeded theatrical performances, by possibilities the numeral camera now considerably overtakes the film analog. Today its prospective usage isn’t reduced anymore only to obtaining of freeze frame images, the camera became a visual communications medium. For a minute (or even for several seconds) after shooting the photographer can unpack the image uses it on presentation places in the Internet or transfer it through the modem (including wireless modem).

Array of color light filters

Finally, functionality of the camera of all shown possibilities will be accessible even without the computer. Already now cameras are equipped with the wireless infrared interface for direct connection to printers, cellular telephones and wireless networks. For example, camera HP PhotoSmart 912 can transfer on key press the selected images to photo printer HP or on similar cameras on infrared communication.

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