Singularities Of The Digital Camera, Terms And Concepts Part 1

Advantages of a digital photo is speed of obtaining of a picture, possibility to view it on the camera display, the instant shoting of unsuccessful pictures, camera connection to the computer, the TV set or the printer, handling and editing of a frame, etc. Lacks – is difficult to deduce the image on a paper as qualitative printouts can be received only on the special color printer or in a special photo laboratory.

The main convergence
Selecting the digital camera, it is necessary to be defined first of all with complexity level. If for you “the easier is the better you should stop the choice on the compact camera with the built in lens, at which most part of adjustments (focusing, exposure and diaphragm setting, etc.) It is carried out automatically or it is fixed.

Mirror cameras belong to more professional type as they have a set of possibilities for more accurate and qualitative setting of adjustments by hand. Besides, mirror cameras have more perfect system of induction on object of shooting at the expense of the internal mirror reflecting the image from a lens in the view-finder, and also possibility of change of lenses.

The important characteristic for a camera choice is presence or absence of function ZOOM with the help of which it is possible to approach and shot remote objects. As well as at film cameras, at digital presence of flashout for lighting of objects at the moment of shooting are desirable. Selecting the digital camera, pay attention to resolution. The above matrix resolution (i.e. an amount of elements (pixels) CCD-matrixes), the better is quality of a digital photo, the more exact color rendition of the received image you get.

Camera type

Digital cameras can be compact and mirror. Compact – with the built in lens, mirror – with replaceable lenses.

The maximum resolution

Quality of electronic photos directly depends on an amount of elements (pixels) of a CCD-matrix (digital analog of a film). The more elements it has the above resolution of a matrix and the more precisely will be a color rendition of the received image.

Memory size

Storage is the functional part of the digital cameras intended for fixation of finished shooting images. The memory size of the digital camera shows, the built in storage of the given model is calculated for what amount of mbytes of the information.

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