When is Jesus coming?

People ask all the time When is Jesus Coming? The answer to this question is unknown even to the angels in heaven but it is a reality that may be here sooner than many people think. Look around you and really ask yourself if you aren’t living in the last times. If you haven’t picked up your bible’s in a while, it wouldn’t be a bad time to really start reading and finding out for yourself if what’s happening today during our time is what was already written. I have a story to share with all of you that hopefully will have you all thinking about how important it is that we do get our life in order and in accordance to God’s will. This story was told to me and I truly felt compelled to share it with all of you.

This story that I’m about to share actually happened to an aunt of a friend of mine. One afternoon, this lady was driving to go home and on her way home, a man waved her down to ask her for a ride. Usually she wouldn’t give strange men rides, especially those she had never met but for some odd reason she explained that this time she felt that she had to. She felt like something was pushing her to give this man a ride.

So she pulled over and let the man into her car and had him sit in the back of the car as she drove. As she was driving the man started telling her about how all the biblical prophecies are being accomplished and how there isn’t much time left . As the man was telling her all of this, she asked him ‘well at what stage are we exactly now, in regards to the prophecies,’ the man went on to answer telling her that “I am sounding the trumpet’ when the man said that she was astonished, because he used the “I” and as she turned back to look at him, he was gone.

When she no longer saw him, she stopped the car frantically in the middle of the street she explained because she felt like she has seen a ghost. A cop pulled up to her vehicle and asked her what was wrong, but she could barely speak. The cop insisted that she told him so he could help her. She told the policeman that if she told him he honestly wouldn’t believe her. The policeman asked her to try. So she explained to him what happened, and he told her that he wasn’t surprised because she was the 5th person that this happened to today.

Now I know many people may read this and think that it’s just a joke, and that’s fine…but believe me when I say that Jesus isn’t far from coming, if you ever need any proof of that just open up the word and read for yourself and you will see that  many of the prophecies that are stated are taking place as I write. I just hope that we all take the time to really evaluate our lives and see if Jesus would come today, would we be ready for Him to take us home.

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Jesus is Coming Soon

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