Spiritual Growth: Jesus is coming soon, are you ready?

Jesus is coming soon!!!!!

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a blessed weekend. Today’s topic is one of great importance and something we all should really think about each and every day to ensure that we are ready to go to heaven. For those of you that may not may not know, Jesus is coming back very soon. Looking at all the different prophecies and the way this world is going, we have to wonder how far off Jesus’s return really is.

Everyday I try to ask myself, if Jesus would come today, would  I be ready to go home and if I can’t confidently say “yes” then I try harder to get my life in order. Many people think that they can live their life any kind of way and they will still make into heaven’s gate, and fortunately that is not the case. God has set up standards here on this Earth for us to abide by so that when we make it to heaven we will already be used to these standards, because God’s law’s are eternal as he is.

We are all saved by God’s grace and it’s up to us to choose to do his will. God is asking more of us everyday, he requires us to seek him. It’s all about what can I do today, tomorrow and the rest of my life to ensure my spot in heaven? Personally, I cannot wait until Jesus returns to take me home but just like everyone else, I have to make sure that I have my life in order in order to get there. Nothing in this life is worth losing your eternal life over.

So I pray that we all take the time each and every day to order our steps in God’s word. God would love to take all of us to heaven but some of us just won’t know how to act and if we can’t do his will on this Earth, then it would be it would be impossible to do it when we get to heaven. So if you have a bible, and it’s dusty I would suggest that you dust it off and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and help you to see what it is that is required of you.

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  1. I wonder how many people can really say that they are ready to go home at this moment and even if they are at this moment will they be in 30 seconds after looking at someones shirt and saying how ugly it or how ugly the person is. I wish we could all be ready and make it to heaven but i know what the reality is. I think it’s a day to day process, reflecting back on the day that just pass and trying to change something that can brings us closer to god and bring us closer to our goal which is to go to heaven .

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