VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) vs Regular Line

Voice over Internet Protocol is this new booming technology that allows you to make phone calls using your already available internet service. Let’s you are paying your cable company or your internet service provider $50 for internet services and you are paying your regular phone company about $50, for the month you are spending about $100. Now can you image using a company like Vonage and/or RingCentral which will charge you a fee ranging from $9.95 to $25 a month, already you are saving about half of your phone bill! Now you may ask, why didn’t I know about this before, well there are many reasons why but let me tell you one: We are all afraid of change, since we have been around regular phone lines for a very long time it would be hard to just change and move to something else which we barely understand. Well that’s what VoIP does; it allows you to use your current internet service to call. There are some free services online you signup for.

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