Why do women cheat? Part 2: A woman's point of view

By all means I am not condoning cheating. People that cheat on their spouse, mates, partners, SUCK! But since the question was asked, why do women cheat, it’s only fair that we analyze the question and give a response. Being a woman, I feel like a lot of times in a relationship, the women are always the ones in search of that intimacy, while men seem to be more interested in the ecstasy part. Most women tend to want a man that will tend to her needs and sometimes men find that their women can be a bit needy. Women are in search for a guy that can listen to them and understand them at the same time. Now men we know that this is a bit of challenge for you. In this case men tend to think that women just have too much to say. Most women want a man that can take care of her financially and physically. Most men are worried more about the physical. 

With all of this said, we can better understand the question that was asked, why do women cheat? 

Some women tend to fall easily into traps set by whom of course, MEN. They find a man that whispers sweet nothings into their ear, and they fall apart or they open up, literally. Why? Because their men at home aren’t doing what they are supposed to be doing. Most women cheat because there is something lacking in their relationships and they are looking for something or someone to fill that void. With this said ladies, this is absolutely no excuse to step out on your man. It’s important that you address any issues that you may have, and if something isn’t going right, let him know, cause believe it or not most men are truly oblivious to what women want. Reader I hope this has shed some light on your question.



  1. I look forward to the day when women are able to act like adults and take responsibility for their behaviour. This article is just typical of feminist bullshit, blaming men for all the wrong in the world and admonishing women of all blame in their own misdeeds. If this article is to be believed men cheat because men are bastards, and women cheat because men are bastards.

    I was cheated on by my now ex-wife. I had to work 4 jobs to keep up with her spending and stave off bankruptcy, because she refused to work and left all responsibility up to me so she could maintain her social life. I now learn, according to ‘TheAuthor’ I was the one in the wrong because I am male. Her punishment for the infidelity that I caused was to keep the house, car, a lump sum of over $50,000 in savings, $3,000 a month in child support, an additional $2,000 a month in spousal support and total custody of the children. I am also responsible for all child care, education and medical costs on top of this. At the end of each week I am left with $160 or less to live on and have been forced to live in a friend’s garage as there are hardly any refuge beds available for men.

    This childish mentality of the modern woman is not only ridiculous, but far more dangerous than they think. Women like ‘TheAuthor’ advocate childish blaming of men without ever thinking about the damage they cause. But why should she care if a man is sleeping in a garage or the gutter because a woman cheated on him?

    You make me sick…

  2. Yes, what your saying is so true. their is no other way to put it.. speak for those who can’t who can’t speak for themselves.

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