Melissa from the Bachelor is moving on!

I know your probably tired of hearing about the Bachelor and what has been going on with him, which is why this post is dedicated to the dumpee, Melissa. If you recall from previous a post, I said was Melissa was dumped on television, that’s the way it needed to be done due to how their contracts work. She let’s us know that she knew something like that was already on the horizon since things hadn’t been going well ever since the finale when he put that rock on her finger. What she was shocked to find out though was that he had contacted Molly and had spoken to her. When she asked him he said that he hadn’t spoken to her. What hurt her the most from the whole situation was that she was lied to, which is understandable. She says that she has moved on and is dating a long time friend. After seeing how everything played out in the show, I’m glad that Jason didn’t get to meet her parents. Anyways, all seems to fair in love and war.

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