With One Touch Of A Finger. Little Tricks With Your Body.

If you have a tickling feeling in the throat

Lightly scratch the earlobe. When the ear nerves are stimulated the reflex is transmitted to the throat – there arises a muscular spasm. It can remove unpleasant feelings.

If you are afraid of injections

You should having coughed. This creates a pressure in the chest and spine – it acts on pain receptors. Pain becomes weaker and the doctors think that you have an attack and slam on the back.

If you burned your finger

Thoroughly rinse it and press down on the place of burn with your finger on the other hand. This returns the burnt area of skin to a normal temperature – you have less chance to get a blister.

If you have a bunged up nose

Perform complex combination of motions: balk with your tongue in the palate and push your finger between the eyebrows. So you are working on a trapezoid bone, which forms a channel between the nose and mouth. This will facilitate purging of the sinuses, within 20 seconds you should have a relief.

If the heart is beating.

Blow on your thumb. On the vagus nerve, which controls the heart rate, it can be affected by breathing: in our case exhalation slows the heart muscle.

If you feel dizzy after drinking.

Lean arms on something sustainable. That part of your ear responsible for balance (it’s called “cupula”) floats in the liquid of the same density as blood. When alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream, it becomes less dense – as a consequence, the cupula pops up – that brings the brain into confusion. Tactile feelings of firm support return it to the desired state.

If you are diving.

Breathe in the air several times in small portions. Not the absence of oxygen stops your breathing under water but the abundance of carbon dioxide, which oxidizes the blood and the brain sends a signal that the body is not all right. The air in the lungs prevents the oxidation – you feel that there is more air in the lungs. Dive time can be extended for ten seconds.

If you have a toothache

Take an ice cube between your thumb and forefinger. Canadian scientists have found that this technique reduces pain by about 50 percent. The nerve endings around two fingers work on that area of the brain that blocks pain signals from the face and hands.

If it stabs in the side during the run

Try to exhale the air when your left foot comes to the ground. When you step on the right foot, the pressure is produced in the liver (located just to the right). Liver presses on the diaphragm, and it sends cramps in the side.

If you have an arm bloodshot

Shake your head from side to side. Bloodshot arm is usually the result of a complex intertwining of the cervical nerves. Relaxation of these nerves helps to relieve discomfort.

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