Six Ways To Wake Up In The Morning.

It is as difficult as, for example, to become a multimillionaire in fifteen seconds to force yourself to get up in the morning. But there are five ways to facilitate all these hell torments.

Get a pet

The animal is the best alarm clock, we can tell it to you with full responsibility. When a dog or cat wants to eat in the morning or go on their morning business, it will begin to wake you up as gently as your mother did not wake you for the first lesson. Plus everything else you the pet brings the responsibility to you – you can be late to work, study or refresher courses but you should not be late for a walk in order your favorite carpet will be hopelessly flawed.

Turn on the light

If it is summer outside you should open the curtains, but if it is winter (and it still dark around) – just turn the house lights. The brain unconsciously will perceive the lights as a signal that we should get up and get to work. Remember that too much bright light is a mini-stress for the carotid body, so it is better to turn on a night-light or a table lamp.

Find something to read

Always keep any entertainment magazine in the kitchen. This helps greatly to stop being sluggish and quickly wake up, you just need something a little of easily digestible information. Preferably, there should not be the news about the autopsy and necrophilia slaughtered by pedophiles. From my own experience we know that the most pleasant place to read magazines is while sitting on the toilet.

Taka a fresh breath

Even if there is no time for unpretentious gym in the morning there will be mandatory a couple of minutes to inhale and exhale The body receives the maximum of oxygen with a deep breath and respiratory sleep rhythms are confused – after which the brain begins to realize that it will not get away on the awakening.

Eat something light

Get into the habit to put something next to the alarm, such as a banana. This will be a good incentive to wake up quickly (in the morning everybody are tend to experience a slight feeling of hunger), and besides it there are a lot of useful sugar in the banana, which gives the nervous system signals to start the activity. Well, to begin the day with a fruit is a very good option; even if you lose weight and put on record every calorie.

Now it would be a very nice to jump a little.

Yeah, just jump! If you’re alone in the room, then let yourself have some fun, at least a minute. Forget about your age, higher education, social status and national awards. Jump! Jump and you cannot but smiling while doing it. And then a wonderful thing happens. You wake up!

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