Strategies For Getting Your Homeschooled Child Into College

For any long time, homeschooled children were at a disadvantage when it came to trying to get and gaining admission to the country’s top universites and colleges. Parents struggled to provide their kids with an education which was considered equivalent to the curriculum of traditional public or private schools. Even when parents did offer an adequate curriculum, colleges often didn’t recognize homeschooled diplomas as official or accredited.

Gradually, homeschooling has become increasingly more accepted by universites and colleges across the country. As a parent become certified homeschool teachers, so that as online distance education programs seek and receive accreditation, homeschool education, diplomas, and students have been legitimized and are now looked over under a whole new light.

Besides choosing or developing a homeschooling curriculum that’ll be considered accredited by American universites and colleges, here are some tips for parents to consider if they want to do their finest to help get their homeschooled child into college:

o Do your research – College is unquestionably never a guarantee for any student. Whether by personal choice or by some outside circumstance, a child may choose that college is not really the right option. However, if a parent sees that a young child has the interest or even the possibility of pursuing a university education (especially in a young age), then your best thing to do would be to begin contacting, requesting, and gathering details about which colleges regularly admit homeschooled students and what factors they consider as part of the admissions process.

o Prepare your son or daughter’s credentials – Different schools have different requirements as far as what they expect from homeschooled applicants. Some may require some form of transcript from the courses or classes they have taken, while others may require something that is more representative of the homeschooled student’s academic work such as a portfolio. Parents should begin gathering representative examples of their child’s work while very young so that they can be easily accessed and compiled throughout the application process.

o Make contact – If a child has an interest in a particular college or university, parents should begin looking at the school’s specific requirements, guidelines, and admission rates for homeschooled children. Again, different schools have different requirements, so it is better to take an early look before any commitments to some specific school are made.

o Don’t limit your son or daughter’s choices – Many parents are scared to allow their homeschooled children to apply to particular colleges and universities. Today, there are near to 1000 schools across the country that regularly admit homeschooled students. In fact, at a lot of today’s colleges and universities, homeschooled students are considered those who will offer something unique for their school’s overall experience.

o Give things equal thought – Some parents make the mistake of placing an excessive amount of focus on their child’s academic transcript. A lot of today’s AZScolleges and universities use an all natural approach for their admissions process, so parents ought to be encouraged to provide schools with a diverse array of info on their child, including standardized test scores, admissions essays and references, as schools will frequently give these facets of the application equal consideration.

Hope that helps.

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