What To Do In Order Not To Let The Hair Fall Out

If you want to keep your hair in the primordial density keep them clean. After all, with dirty hair, even the slightest damage to the scalp can be a source of infection, which in turn increases the likelihood of baldness. To maintain the cleanliness of the hair can be disinfected them with ethyl alcohol, though it is best to use cosmetics and detergents, to match your hair type.

The hair by the intensity of sebaceous excretions is divided into the greasy, normal and dry. Some specialists also mark a mixed type of hair – a hair (usually long), greasy at the roots and dry ends, which hinders their classification and care for them.

Let’s move from theory to practice.

In no case you should not wash your hair with soap. People have long come up with shampoo. Having a high acidity the soap destroys the protective membrane of hair and scalp, which strongly affects both the health of the hair and on their presentable. When choosing a shampoo you should notice, for which type of hair it is supposed to. If the shampoo causes any discomfort, it should be changed. But if it suits you, you should stay on the selected instance, as the constant change of the detergent does not always have a positive impact on the health of hair.

At various times, expressed many opinions about the frequency of washing. But as for everyone this question is individual, i.e.: You can do this and every day or every 8-10 days. Typically there is only one – it should be washed as frequently as necessary. If you use for three foams styling gel and moisturizing mousse daily, it is better to wash your hair every day, because these funds make them hard.

When washing your hair you should make sure that the water is not too hot. The optimum temperature is – 35-45 ° C (measure with the thermometer). Also it is worth noting that the greasier the hair, the less hot water should be used, as high temperature increases the release of fat sebaceous glands.

Blow-dry is not desirable. It is better to wipe them off with warm towel and wait until they dry themselves. But if you can’t do without hair dryer anywhere, it is best to dry your hair with cold air.

Combing is a thing no less important than, say, the morning shave. It improves blood circulation in the scalp, even distribution of fat from the hair roots and to their ends. Also, when brushing flakes are removed, they can irritate the skin. And yet it is very nice.

Comb hair ought to be made of wood, easily flexible plastic or other material, but in no case be made of metal. Metal combs can damage both the hair and scalp. You also need to pay attention to the comb teeth; they should be straight and not too close to each other.

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