How To Protect The Heart

A heart is a powerful muscular organ, forcing blood through the cavities (chambers) and the valves in the distribution system called the circulatory system. The man’s heart is near the center of the chest cavity. It consists mainly of strong elastic tissue – heart muscle (myocardium), which is a lifelong rhythmically falling, sending blood through arteries and capillaries to the tissues of the body. With each contraction of the heart ejects about 60-75 ml of blood, and for the moment (at an average rate reductions of 70 per minute) – 4-5 liters. For 70 years, the heart produces more than 2.5 billion cuts and pumps about 156 million liters of blood.

In order not be heartless strengthen your main organ (if anything, we are talking about the heart). Seven ways to do this are listed below.

Namely – five glasses a day. People, who carry out this rule, are 53% less prone to heart attacks. Researchers say that the fluid in large quantities reduces the concentration of blood by preventing clots. You can drink not only water but also, for example, grapefruit juice.

Recent research has clearly identified: three cups of green tea consumed daily reduces the risk of heart disease by half. The trick is in flavonoids – antioxidants that provide a protective effect.

Cereal with milk – a favorite food of all children –is recommended to you. However, usual oatmeal also fits. Rolled oats contain a lot of folic acid and vitamin B9 – this combination reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 13%.

In total, in order to reduce the risk of heart disease you should spend two hours a week in the gym. Divide this time by four medium-sized exercises for half an hour – and your life will improve quickly!

As they have more lycopene (the substance, heals the blood vessels) than in tomatoes, and it is digested quickly by the body because of the watery pulp structure. Half of the watermelon in a week – and heart problems will be 30% less.

If your wife smokes and you do not, the risk of myocardial capture still remains high (about 92%). Secondhand smoke is more dangerous than an active one because it reduces the level of “good” cholesterol, increases – the “bad” and promotes the formation of blood clots.

Heart diseases occur not only due to old age and smoking – here the important role is played by a simple human stress. Relax in all possible ways – for example, count to ten before you splash out on someone your anger. Belgian scientists have calculated that it is three times reduces the likelihood of heart disease.

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