For Those Who Decided To Give Up Smoking

Among all the bad habits smoking is the most popular.

People generally love to dream about that from one pill that for which you have to work is accomplished by itself: in order to grow muscle, liver revived, your hands are not stretched to a cigarette. Unfortunately, today the wonders are of deficit. Nicotine patches and gum, special inhalers in the form of cigarettes – all this serves to put nicotine into the body by other means. That is, it does not save from depending; and it is rather expensive. Nicotine gum is specially made tasteless in order nobody will be addicted to it instead of cigarettes.

Last pharmacological development on this topic has recently been born in the UK. The mechanism of action of a new drug is as follows: it blocks the action of nicotine on specific receptors in the brain, depriving smokers of any feeling of pleasure when inhaled tobacco smoke. In this case, the receptors are not only blocked by nicotine, but slightly stimulated, allowing ease symptoms of nicotine breakdown. 2000 volunteers took part in tests. A year after the start of the test among those who took the drug 22% of people gave up smoking.

Consciousness must be disaccustomed sharply, making no concessions currently in the form of a gradual decrease in the number of cigarettes or switching to lighter. Sharp rejection of cigarettes is harmful only to people who have formed a true physiological dependence on nicotine. It is proved that it concerns those who smoke two packs a day for twenty-five years or more.

In order to increase the chances of winning, you can resort to various psychological ploys. First of all, you must sincerely believe in what you plan. Try to articulate your desire to quit smoking. Write on a piece of paper in large letters: “I quit smoking, because …” and further – all the most important reasons for you. Hang a sheet in a prominent place (where it will act on your nerves the most) let it be your banner in your fight. Think for a system of rewards and punishments. For example: if you not smoked a single cigarette in a month, buy yourself a new watch, and if you snap, then buy a cake and give to the company of homeless at the nearest dustbin for every cigarette.

One of the fashionable trends of psychological techniques is the group, the collective psychotherapy. Declare all the relatives and friends that you are now no longer smoke. Sense of shame for the violation of a promise sometimes significantly strengthens the will power.

Try to find an assistant in the fight against smoking. Look to friends and colleagues. You can help each other. If it is to throw together, then each of you will like to associate to combat the habit. Man always easier to cope with the difficulties when there is an understanding that he was not alone. It is useful to fully support, cheer each other and, importantly, to scold and punish even in case of failure.

Very often, the collective effect plays against us. Smoking becomes a kind of public ritual, people communicate in the smoking rooms forming a kind of subculture. You need to find some substitute this ritual. For example, instead of the smoke break every time pour yourself a glass of water and drink it instead of smoking cigarettes. This will only benefit you, besides your hands will not feel unusual emptiness and will not drag to a cigarette. Gradually you will come to realize that you will no longer depend on the habits, you yourself become the master. Believe me, you will enjoy this feeling, quit smoking has been around only for the sake of it.

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