Laughing. The Protective Reaction Of The Brain

Laughing is an emotional reaction, usually common only to human, no animal has not been seen doing this.

Let’s try to understand the essence of laughing, let’s analyze what makes us laugh. As a rule, it is not just some good event. Only small children are able to burst out laughing from the fact that they were given a candy or brought to the zoo. An adult person for some reason does not laugh at pay day (although often smiles). Laughing is the phenomenon, characterized by certain strangeness, paradoxical, surprising events.

There is a theory that laughing is a kind of protective mechanism for the brain turning on in the collision with something illogical and incomprehensible. Evolutionarily it appeared like this: people who are at the moment of collision with the paradoxical situation do not panic, but rather expressed a positive attitude, proved more successful in solving the problems. Therefore, such a reaction, and entrenched in human behavior, we can say that a sense of humor (all according to Darwin) has been an evolutionary advantage. So when you encounter another stupidity that offers you a fortune, laughing will save your brain from stress.

Until now, no one can explain exactly how laughter is born, and what specific changes in the human body it causes. However, what these changes are beneficial to health – it is a proven fact. Another stern philosopher Immanuel Kant wrote that laughing gives a sense of health and activates all the vital processes contributes to the harmony of body and soul. Now all these statements are confirmed by science.

On the one hand, laughing can be regarded as a kind of gymnastics for the body. During laughing 80 groups of muscles are active, including facial muscles, abdominals, and diaphragm. On laughing we breathe particularly deeper, renewing supply of oxygen to the tissues, smoothing light, freeing the airways. It was proved that an unbridled laughing for five minutes not only relieves depression (which, in general, was clear and without research), but also influences the activity of the heart and lungs. Swiss physiologists have somehow calculated that one minute of laughter is equal to forty-minute jog!

On the other hand, the laughing has a very large impact on our consciousness and it has many non-obvious effects. One of the first researchers of medicinal properties of laughter was an American neurologist William Fry. His test subjects were students, whom Fry told jokes, and then compared their blood tests. He found out that laughing sharply increases the number of antibodies in the blood – that is, exhibits some immunity activation. More recent studies also confirm that the immune system of merry people is better able to resist the virus influenza. But the Austrian psychologists believe that laughter – perhaps is the best therapy for stroke patients.

Today, “Laughing” has become so popular in western countries; there are even several different clinical schools. For example, followers of the “gelotology” not only amuse their patients, but also give them a listen to recordings of others laughing. There are also special laughter therapies that will amuse you individually, adjusting to your sense of humor. There is even an exercise called laughing yoga, suitable to the theme of giggles so seriously that it becomes a completely no mood for joking. In Europe and America there are over 800 fan clubs healthier of laughing.

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