Treat Your Liver Until It Isn’t Too Late


Before the treatment of liver you must eliminate from your daily diet bad meals for liver such as cigarettes and alcohol, otherwise all your efforts will be wasted. So, on the first place to refuse are: lamb, fat pork, goose, duck, fried foods, rich broth, smoked, canned food, chocolate, mushrooms and cold drinks. In other words, we need to stop eating everything that is most often feeds on the average man in full blossom. Yes, it’s hard, but it is necessary.

To restore the normal operation of the liver it is better to adhere to the so-called diet “? 5. In our case, this diet is good because it is maximally sparing the liver and restores the damaged functions, improves the composition of bile, and in addition, provides agencies with the necessary amount of digestible proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and other necessary for the treatment of liver.

The basic principles of nutrition on a diet “? 5” are a sufficient ingestion of easily digestible protein, carbohydrates (their number should not exceed the physiological norm of feeding) and the maximum processing of food consumed (it must be thoroughly digest and, if necessary, and wipe before using). In addition, the diet must contain adequate amounts of fiber, and the very best to take food little by little but often.

If all of these proteins, fats and other buzzwords do not say anything to you, here’s a rough menu diets “? 5”, used to treat liver:

Breakfast 1: curd with sugar and sour cream, oatmeal with milk and tea

Breakfast 2: baked apple

Lunch: vegetable soup with vegetable oil, boiled chicken, the same rice, stewed fruit

Snack: broth hips

Dinner: boiled fish sauce with vegetable broth, mashed potatoes, cheesecake with cream cheese, tea

Before going to bed: butter milk.

Let’s note at once – for a positive outcome of treatment of the liver it is better to stick to this diet not less than a month. And sit on it you can at least two years – the body just says thank you. And, of course, it is better about all sorts of variations in food intake still consult with your doctor.


Medications treating the liver act in several directions.

Go to the pharmacy and ask for medication to treat the liver. Such drugs are hepathropic Drugs and created specifically for the treatment of liver and bile ducts. They are divided into three subgroups: cholagogus, hepatoprotective and cholelitholik tools.

Cholagogue increase the secretion of bile and promote its release in the duodenum. Hepatoprotective – improve the recovery of the liver, increasing its resistance to various influences and restore its function after injury. Cholelitholik tools help to dissolve gall stones.

Before you begin to treat the liver, it is better to consult your doctor.

There are medications for the treatment of liver: Essentiale forte, holosas, essentiale, ovesol (as biologically active to food supplements), Liv 52, Kars, algihol, etc. And do not forget to read the instructions before use!

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