First Aid For Sprains And Stretching Of The Muscles

Sprain is called a trauma, which resulted in damaged ligaments between the muscles and bones. So be careful to jump-start, jumping stairs and show off in bed – all this easily and naturally can lead to the fact that one never knows a bunch will not only stretch, but broken. Most often, this unpleasant thing happens with the arch of the foot, ankle and knee.

Well if after sloppy jump you feel pain, it become unpleasant to move and place of injury has swollen – then it’s just a sprain. If you hear a click, the swelling persists for several days and all this is accompanied by sharp pain, it may well be that as a result of excessive load ligament was a torn at all. In both cases, it is urgently needed to attach an ice pack to the sore spot with and hobble towards the nearest hospital – broken limbs may need surgery.

In a typical sprain ice packs and a pressure bandage can help. In a couple of days of relative calm the broken limb will be able to withstand a certain load, which, however, does not mean a full recovery. In any case, all possible physical activity is better to minimize still at least for a couple of weeks, otherwise the injury could get worse. If the sprain was severe or the position of joint has become unstable as a result of its injury – you should immobilize your wounded leg, with bus or gypsum.

Finally physiotherapy will help to go back into service. By the way, if you pulled these ligaments not for the first time, make better use of elastic bandages or bandages to support the weaker one and the same ligament sprains joint. This will help to prevent not only the further weakening, but the subsequent injuries as a result of joint destruction. Better yet, try to learn your sore spot and be especially careful in any physical activity.

Stretching of the muscle

Stretching of the muscle occurs as a result of excessive stretching of the overloaded muscle tissue. As a result, there is pain, or swelling.

As a result of the injury a muscle loses the ability to shrink, do it with great difficulty and discomfort. If the muscle has ceased to decline, but the pain does not pass, we are talking about a much more serious injury – rupture of the muscles. A complete rest prolonged treatment and surgery is required at such injuries.

Usually muscle strain is treated with bed rest and by applying ice to the damaged site within days. Then cold packs are replaced by hot, although some prefer to always use ice therapy. For a full treatment it is usually enough a few days of the absence of physical load on the damaged muscle, with more severe sprains muscle relaxants or anti-inflammatory drugs are used.

A banal workout will help to prevent the muscle strain.

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