Hair Extensions – Are They All The Same?

One thing that surprises many of us in day to day life is how celebrities can change their looks by so much in such an astoundingly short amount of time. In order to stay in the limelight, celebrities must continuously change and adapt their looks to keep them on the front of newspapers and fashion magazines. One of the easiest ways to do this that does not involve surgery, is by changing hairstyles. As there is only so much hair you can take off, adding hair extensions has become extremely popular not only with celebrities, but also the general public.

Although there are a number of different types of hair extension, the primary distinguisher is the hair’s origin. The origin of the hair can either be man-made in a laboratory, or natural, human hair grown, cut, and then sold to distributors. It is generally accepted that natural human hair is the better of the two as it lasts much longer, or more specifically, is more manageable for a longer period of time, and it is easier to style. Finding a suitable color and type match to your current natural hair is also much easier with human hair. Where the hair comes from is also a factor to consider as it has a large bearing on the quality and price of extensions. Hair grown from an Asian head is generally courser than European hair and is therefore a little more difficult to manage, making it less expensive to buy.

Synthetic fiber used to make wigs and hair extensions is comparatively inexpensive to buy and is therefore the most popular choice, though the disadvantages associated to incorporating synthetic fibrous hair into your own hair are numerous. One such disadvantage is that the temperature resistance is very low, meaning that if you apply even moderate heat to the hair, it can singe, rendering it useless. This means that it is advisable not to (hot) blow-dry, straighten or attempt to curl synthetic hair.

Hair extensions can be fixed to your scalp or hair in a number of ways, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Clip-on hair extensions are the most simple and quickest to attach and can easily be fastened by yourself with the help of one or two mirrors, though you should not keep them in for long, or even sleep with them in. For a longer lasting type of fixing there is the single hair piece extension method which, when using synthetic fibers, involves melting the extensions to fasten them to short strands of hair; alternatively, with natural hair extensions, a bonding agent is used to fasten the extensions. Ultimately this method of integration should last at least 8 weeks though if looked after, and with human hair extensions, they should last much longer.

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