Tips On How To Approach Women – 4 Ways To Make Women Respond To YOU

Nothing could be worse than to see a woman that totally makes your knees buckle, and not have the guts to make a move and approach her. Yet, this experience seems to happen a LOT for most guys, and if you find this happening to you, you might be interested in finding out how to get past this issue and approach women with confidence and know how to make a woman respond favorably to you.

Anxiety about approaching a woman is actually really common amongst guys, even those that never have anxiety about any other things in their lives. So, it’s okay to feel as though you could use a little help in this area of your life.

Here are 3 tips on how to approach women and make them respond to YOU:

1. Walk with confidence when you make your approach.

Walking up to a woman can take a lot of guts, so you need to make sure that your body language reflects that. If you look like you are unconfident in yourself, then you are not going to make the kind of impression that WOWs a woman and makes her want to get to know you. Body language plays a BIG role in human attraction, and displaying the right body language can make a world of difference in the way that women respond to you.

2. Be friendly and smile.

Some guys like to try the tough guy approach or the cool guy approach when they walk up to a woman. Most of the time, this is not really going to make her want to open up to you. A more effective solution is to just be friendly and smile. The more relaxed you can make a woman feel when you approach her, the more you will end up being successful at making women want to have you approach them.

3. Have some way of building rapport with her.

When you approach a woman, you want to build rapport with her right away. The quicker you can do this, the quicker you can get on to bigger and better things. You have to try and make a real connection so that she feels as though she has just a met a guy that is worth getting to know a little more. Using fake lines and fake routines does not usually do the trick, so you want to develop your own style, an authentic approach.

4. Take the plunge.

One of the hardest things about approaching a woman is actually taking the first step. It might sound a little corny, but the first move is the most important. If you cannot get out the gates and make the move to approach a woman, then you are NOT going to end up getting the girl. That much is a guarantee.

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