How To Flirt With Beautiful Women – 3 Must Know Secrets About Flirting With Attractive Women

I’ve had some guys ask the question, is it really any different when flirting with beautiful women? Now, depending on who you ask, it’s inevitable that you are going to get a plethora of different takes on this. In my experience, YES, it is a lot different when flirting with beautiful women. For one, it can be a lot more fun! Also, there is a slightly different strategy that you need to use when flirting with an attractive woman.

Beautiful women are used to having guys kind of grovel at their feet and tell them over and over again just how beautiful they are. So, if your idea of flirting with her is to tell her how attractive she is, then you are not going to make that big of an impression. You can bet that you are not the first guy to tell her this, not even that day. Of course, with a plain woman, this might have a much different effect on her, just because she does not hear it as often.

Here are 3 must know tips about flirting with attractive women:

1. Focus on pinpointing things about her personality when you want to toss her a compliment.

Like I said before, most good looking women are used to getting compliments mostly about how good looking they are. And sometimes, they get compliments that have no meaning just because the guys wants to say something “nice” to her. If you focus more on pinpointing things about her personality, it’s going to come across like a much more genuine compliment, and therefore, seem to be a lot more REAL.

2. Don’t let her get away with things just because she is good looking.

By this, I mean if she says something silly, and you would normally point this out… go for it. Don’t stop just because you think that she is really beautiful. This is one of those common things that guys who feel they are not worthy of an attractive woman’s attention will do. The woman will say something that they normally would bust her chops on and they don’t, simply because they are afraid that they might “offend” her.

3. Don’t act like the shy guy with her, flirt back and make her laugh.

The shy guy routine can actually work out in some situations, but for the most part, you want to stay AWAY from giving off the impression that you are a shy guy. Be a little more aggressive than you normally would, break out of your shell, and do your best to make her laugh.

Don’t think that you cannot date and attract beautiful women, because when you know how to flirt, women will want to be with YOU and you will be able to know exactly how to get a girlfriend and how to make women want you. Don’t believe it can be true? Test it out and see what works.

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