The Truth About Genetically Modified Food

Everybody have heard about this horrible thing: transgenic foods have been created with the intervention in the genetic system of plants and animals, their effect is unpredictable, long-term consequences are not defined and everyone who took a bite out of genetically modified tomato may at any time begin to mutate in style Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Speak directly to the point: it all is the myth of inflation. We must be grateful to the omniscient yellow press. While this myth proved to be extremely hardy, it still cannot completely erode from the public consciousness.

The truth about genetically modified food!

Two centuries ago, English economist Thomas Malthus suggested that the world population is growing exponentially, while food production – in arithmetical progression, and cannot grow faster because of the limited resources of the planet. Therefore, concluded the scientist, the increased mortality will save mankind from poverty and hunger, nothing else. However, since that the world’s population has grown in many times and continues to grow. And the fact that humanity, like, not on the verge of extinction, largely due to the advent of transgenic products.

Using the achievements of genetic engineering, scientists have learned to be the most successful combinations of those genes that are found in nature. Genes are incorporated into the hereditary apparatus of plants and reproduction is transmitted to descendants. Such technologies have made it possible to derive new varieties that are not afraid of pests resistant, cold and drought, and provide higher yields, contain more vitamins and have other useful properties.

Genetically modified food: What’s the catch?

But if everything is so great, why the “green” have begun to sound the alarm and some European countries require that the product packaging be sure to specify their transgenic origin? Now it is difficult to understand where and when a panic was started. Once transgenic products worldwide drove the “natural grade” from store shelves, some people wanted to use it to “play on the nerves” with the public.

Fortunately, the hype is largely in vain. It helped to attract the attention to this subject. Worldwide were carried out additional studies, many governments have allocated considerable grants (by the way, maybe it was one of the reasons for hyping), and yet under no one could provide conclusive evidence proving the harmfulness of transgenic products. The most interesting thing is that nobody can prove otherwise.

Of course, we cannot bare the facts showing how these products will affect humanity in 100 years, since the deadline has not passed. However, there is simple common sense. According to this sense and the accumulated knowledge, our digestive system can easily convert any genetic material. We absolutely do not care what set of genes has the swallowed carrot, in any case it will be digested – turned into a cocktail of nutrients. Dangerous would be those mutagenic substances, which were used to obtain new varieties, but we are eating not laboratory specimens, but their distant descendants, in which there is no trace of the experimental poison.

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