Five Ways To Prevent Stomach Upset

Almost every one of us is familiar with such an unpleasant thing as an upset stomach. This disease can happen at any time with any person, and usually at not the most opportune time.

How does the indigestion happen?

Every time you eat, your body identifies 22 types of digestive enzymes. Each of them contributes to the digestion of any one kind of food – for example, the protease cleaves the protein, amylase – carbohydrates, and Lipase – fat and lipids. With age, the body produces less enzymes – this is what causes the problems with the digestion (as well as gas, belching and other unpleasant glitches in the system). However, if you handle properly with your stomach the disorders can be avoided – for example, there are five simple rules.

1. Chew!

Ideally, to avoid stomach upset, every piece of food should be chewed 33 times.

Chewing a meal is perhaps the most important stage of the digestion. At that time when you train your jaw muscles the signals about the allocation of all necessary enzymes come in the stomach. Also, try not to overeat – otherwise the quantity of the enzymes will not be enough, and the stomach begins to produce more stomach acid than it is needed, which can lead to frustration.

2. Be more active

Scientific research has shown: Physical activity helps to cope with many digestive problems (as well as with bowel disorders and diarrhea). You should avoid stress; it slows down the digestion and generally kills you from the inside.

3. Be careful with antacids

These drugs help you to digest food, but still be more careful with them: if you exceed the rate of the consumption, antacids can cause the irritation of the esophagus. As you know, in this case it is guaranteed an upset stomach. In addition, large quantities of antacids greatly reduce the acidity of the stomach – the harmful bacteria can get into the citadel of your digestive system.

4. Eat more fibrous foods

Such as fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts. At the same time, avoid foods that increase the flatulence in the stomach, they are – broccoli, beans, cauliflower and carbonated drinks. Sometimes the same effect is achieved by foods rich in starch (potatoes and oats). Fibrous foods are usually the most useful and have many vitamins, plus it’s also a good way to delay diabetes, heart disease, and hemorrhoids.

5. Take digestive enzymes

Like festal or mezim-forte. They are made from plant material, and they are supposed to solve all your problems. Certainly they will not solve all them, but they will help to cope with the stomach upset. Enzymes can be taken, even if your digestion is working at the right speed – in the way of prevention.

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