How To Keep Your Ex Boyfriend From Twisting Your Words Around

Are you trying to get your ex boyfriend back but every time you talk to him he twists your words around? Is he putting words in your mouth or twisting the events of the past to his own liking and it’s driving you crazy? There is a simple soution to this and these skills will not only help you to get your ex boyfriend back but you will find that these techniques will help you in the future in your relationship.

You might think that your ex boyfriend has gone crazy lately and his perception of what happened between the two of you… what you did or what you said simply aren’t true. You might be tempted to argue with him and try to make him see the truth but you are just talking to a brick wall. In his mind what he is saying is really the way that he is interpreting things. Don’t worry though. It won’t always be this way and it is very easy to disarm him with the truth and a few little tricks.

Agree With Him – By agreeing with him on certain aspects of what went wrong or parts of what he is saying you did will leave him with less ammunition to fight wtih. By agreeing that you did have your part in the downfall of your relationship and then going and expounding on what you did wrong he will be left with little to say. This technique often leaves a guy wondering what to do next and frantically scrambling for the next bombshell to lob at you and your ex will be no different.

Let’s say that he complained that you were too jealous and needy and that he felt sufffocated. This is often a complaint that many men use as an excuse to breakup with someone. You can tell him that you realize this and you apologize for the things that you said to him and accused him of. You might laugh and say that you can see now that it was unfair not to trust him and that your actions actually made things worse instead of better because if someone is going to cheat there isn’t anything that you can do about that.. but that you know in your heart that he is an honest guy and that he was different than other guys out there.

Break His State – You can futher confuse him and take control of the conversation by picking something else that you might have done that you are ashamed of or that your ex may have harped on that led to your breakup. By beginning to list out the things, both large and small, that you may have done that you are sincerely sorry for he will be forced to listen and he no longer is lecturing. He will go from a state of arguing with you to a state of agreeing with you and this is key.

You can begin to list such things as talking on the phone with your friends all the time (I don’t know! You think of something!) You can break his state of ranting and picking on you by saying that you were thinking the other day that he was also right about how rude it was for you to always pick up the phone if a friend called. After all, you were spending time with him but you are sure that when you took a call from a girlfriend he may have felt like he came second in your life and that wasn’t necessarily true. You feel now that by doing this you might have made him feel like you took him for granted or that he wasn’t important.

These simple techniques might be all it takes to change things around and put your ex boyfriend off balance a little bit so you can begin to take control of the situation. When tempers are high and emotions are twisting things around someobody has to take control or else your relationship is going to feel like a drunken monkey is behind the wheel and that’s not good. Once you get him to start agreeing with you on these things it is pretty easy to get him to start to agree on more important things like geting back together. So, if you’re serious about geting your ex boyfriend back and you’re tired of the same old arguments where your words get twisted around try these techniques and see how you can lead him back into your loving arms again.

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