The List Of The The Worst Things To Give For A Girlfriend

Have you ever wondered what gifts to buy for the loved ones? Yesterday I found a dusty box full of gifts. When I opened it I saw a cemetery of useless things. I wanted to remember what every gift means to me. Unfortunately, I started to feel sad. Every gift brought memories of shame I felt getting these gifts… A cup with boobs picture, (oh my god, is this a present for woman or man?), cheap deodorant, powerful lipstick, another Paulo Coelho book. It’s much more than enough to read it from free pdf book or electronic book version (I just can’t stand his chasing of mainstream popularity) and so on…

I believe a gift should cheer a loved one. Why do people give useless presents? From the obligation to give something? What is the point? I think it is much better to give what people will really appreciate. Of course, sometimes we just don’t have enough time to find a suitable gift. Then a good wine, good candy or whatever person likes is a good solutation. We must not forget that what delights us, not necessarily delights others. For example, if you like Paulo Coelho books it doesn’t mean that your friends also like them. So what types of gifts exist?

Various souvenirs. These are probably the most popular gifts: puppies, candles, Easter eggs, Christmas merchandise and so on. However, is not clear where these presents have to be placed. Most often earlier or sooner these presents are moved to thrash. What is important: souvenir should be expensive and small rather than cheap and big.Present which will delight long-term. If you want that you gift would not be ejected after the New Year, let’s give Christmas decorations. People will use them to decorate Christmas tree every year and will always remember you. I clearly remember Christmas when I got beautifully decorated champagne glass. It was a perfect gift which I remember every time I drink champagne. If you would like to congratulate colleagues, the present should not be expensive. It is just a way to show attention.

Holidays gifts. The worst gifts from holidays from the seaside are shells imitations and boring and always the same sea merchandise.

Handmade gifts. This is dangerous type of gifts for both donor and recipient. For example, you worked hard many days with love to create your handmade gift, but recipient just cannot evaluate it. It’s a good idea to create a handmade gift if you are craftsman. Still, it’s not recommended to give knitted pullover. Better idea is to donate pillow or anything abstract.

To sum up, gifts as always are very complicated thing. If you want to avoid gift related problems you should know one rule. Gifts should be given when we found them, without any purpose.

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