Tips On How To Prepare For December 21 2012 – Five Practical Suggestions

December 21, 2012 is believed to be the end of the world. The most widely publicized account of this is the Mayan Calendar. While this event gets very little media coverage, all famous religions consider this prediction to be true and a number of governments have already started to prepare for this date.

2012 is believed to be the end of our world since it’s the date the Mayan Calendar ends and the Chinese book of change predicts a “zero state” to occur on that year. If you have come to terms with this reality, then you might like to use the following 2012 survival suggestions before the big day comes, after all you just have a limited time to prepare for it:

Get Books And Watch Educational Tv Shows

One recommended tip is to watch informative tv shows and to read books on this phenomenon in addition to scientific researches.
Having deep knowledge will provide you with the mindset that this is an important matter and should be given immediate attention. Discover other means of stopping it from coming, and if you found one, act on it as quickly as possible.

Be A Part Of A Survival Group

To improve your odds of survival, join a survival group. You can end the preparations before doomsday and it can also improve your ways and means. The group you are joining should have the same targets as yours so you are all in agreement and can work together to obtain that goal.

Storing Water

Water is with no doubt basic need that you would need to arrange in case any disaster will happen. It is because your body needs water to perform all the biological processes which will keep you alive. Storing clean drinking water for you and your loved ones that will be obtainable when the need for it comes must be your first priority.

Be Aware Of The Expiry Dates

Pay attention to the expiry date found on the pre-packed foods that you’re about to store. In case you fail to verify when the items would expire, then the whole point of storing them is basically defeated, since these items would be of no use to you in December 21, 2012. Make sure that you get foods which have the longest shelf-life possible so you can use them on 2012.

You Must Have a Plan

This is the main reason to think of because those people without a plan, fail. That is why it is at all times vital to be prepared. The plan that you are going to want to make is going to be primarily based on how many people you’re going to need to support. Getting your loved ones prepared is the hard part, but making sure that all their needs, together with your own, are meet is a must. Understanding the needs of everybody and how much you all need to survive is essential if you’ll have a chance.

These tips can be helpful for you when December 21, 2012 will come, however if you are looking for a step by step guidebook with all the information you need to know about the 2012 phenomenon then I will highly recommend to check this 2012 Official Countdown Review and to learn how to get prepared for this date with 2012 Official Countdown today!

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